Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday Monkey

My current workouts are based around Hal Higdons Intermediate 10K Training plan. The plan calls for a 5K race in the middle of it. This means that there is only one more week until my first race since I broke my foot. I'm realllly anxious but trying not to get too excited. While I am shooting for a certain time, I'm not going to push through any pain in that foot.

My training this week has looked like this:
Monday: 3 mile run + strength  (45 minute Chiseled Physique class)
Tuesday: 4 mile run + 45 minute yoga class
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: Cross Training (45 min interval spin class)
Saturday: 40 minute tempo run
Sunday: 6 mile run

This time my tempo run went a little bit better. I was able to gradually build up speed. My first mile was 8:35, the second was 8:15. I only have one mile markers on the path I run, and my Nike App is not too accurate, so I simply picked up the speed for three minutes then turned around at the 20 min mark and ran back to mile marker two (getting there at 22:40 so my pace back was faster). Then I attempted to take it back down. ...I hit another 8:30 mile, but the last one was 8:20. Not too shabby for a tempo run but it should have been more like 8:40.

Today's 6 miles were a bit different. I ran with NO music or time keeping device. My daughter was biking next to me the entire way and the weather was a perfect 65 degrees and sunny. We had a great time and I was ok with not knowing my pace or having music blaring in my ears. The happiest thing though, was seeing her bike an entire 6 miles and how proud she was of herself!

Along with these workouts, I had an amazing weekend in Maryland with my boyfriend and our kids.

Friday afternoon called for a little monkey business....

 I'm not going to lie. For a wine with a twist top (that's what you get when you said your Bud Light loving boyfriend to grab the booze...JK) It was pretty damn tasty.

Especially with some grilled pork tenderloin, a baked sweet potato and grilled asparagus.....

Saturday morning we headed out for some Fall Festivities at Bowles Farm.

The biggest corn maize EVER! I'm sure of it. This is the view from one of the lookout bridges. It was my first time doing a corn maize and the four of us ROCKED it. I would say it took us about 45 minutes, but I read that it takes people 1-2 hours.

Then we played in a straw pit and a corn box!

The kids got to pet some animals, ride a train and in a "barrel ride". It was $10 a person well spent.

One the way home we stopped and grabbed a pumpkin because I have been dying to bake one!

Chopped, peeled and roasted with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. Life Changing. I'm telling you.

I'm attempting to roast the seeds tonight! We'll see how it goes! 


  1. great job on the workouts this week!! oh yea, the Nike and Garmin watches are great tools but they aren't always spot on and i kno it bugs me especially in tempo runs where it's more important to know exact mile splits. but u did a great job and ended up quite speedy. :)
    okay, i'm so excited for halloween and it looks like u guys are having way too much fun over there!

    1. Thanks! Have you used the Garmin? I would think it would need to be more accurate for as much as you pay for them......

      We are definitely enjoying this fall weather! It's the best time of year:-)

  2. I'm so excited for Halloween! It finally feels like Fall :)

    1. I know! This is the BEST time of the year. It's bittersweet though because I know it will be freezing soon!

  3. I love some cheap wine. I'm so not a wine snob.

    I've never roasted a pumpkin, but that sounds awesome.