Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Slowly Getting Back There and The Greatest Find

The weather around these parts (Washington, DC) has been CRAZY! Seriously. 2 weeks ago we had the biggest snow storm of the year and today, it’s over 90 degrees. While most runners detest the high
temperatures, I yearn for them. I don’t want an overcast, 50 degreeday. I want it sunny and 75 when I lace up those shoes.

This was exactly what the weather was when I left my desk at 9:45 AM to take my “lunch” break early and go for a jog.

Anybody who has read my blog before knows that January was the last time I set out for a run. I was deep into marathon training and diagnosed with a stress fracture… My second fracture in 6 months…Many x-rays and doctors appointments later I was cleared! But not to run, to walk, to slooooowly
incorporate jogging, and to slowly build up my base.

Since I'm tired of my bones being made out of glass, I am going to take the doctor’s words seriously.

Today was my 5th time running since I was told that I could. What I’ve been doing is a mix of walking and jogging, using my music to let me know when to switch, since I’m determined not to time myself for at least a couple of months. Until today, I’ve been walking one song, jogging one song, and repeating until I hit 4 miles. Today, I bummed it up to jogging 2 songs and walking 1.

It was amazing:-)

I don’t even care how fast I was running. I’m just happy to be out there doing it and promise myself to NOT overdo it and truly listen to my body!!

After my run, I hit the weights and tackled an arm and shoulder workout:
Bicep Curls - 15 lbs
Upward Row - 15 lbs
Tricep Extension - 20 lbs
Lateral Raises - 10 lbs
12 reps, 4 circuits.

I am going to try focusing on one body part a day, lifting 3x a week and see how it goes. Recently, I've been doing full-body weight workouts 3-4x a week and I just don't think that's my jam.

In other news, I have found the.BEST.SNACK.EVER.

Angie’s “Sweet and Spicy” Popcorn. It’s kettle corn with paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper on it, and it’s perfect. I am a HUGE fan of popcorn, so really fantastic popcorns are my weakness. I thought freshly-made kettle corn was the best but this just brought it up a level!

I have plans to venture out into the city on Friday with some friends and find what is said to be THE BEST popcorn ever though, so we'll see were we stand after that:-)

What do you prefer for your weight routine?

Do you LOVE popcorn like me?

Where is the weather where you are?