Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Race for Grace and a New Brussel Sprout Addiction

This past Saturday night my daughter and I headed down to Orange County to see the twin. (Yes, she lives in the middle of nowhere. Near nothing. Please pressure her to move).

On the way we stopped in at Bravo for a little bit of grub.

This salad was an awesome starter. It had dried cranberries which I am really loving in salads these days. It had more apples but my daughter's little hands went right for them as they sat it down.

I had this avocado and turkey panini for my main dish. Pretty awesome. I felt like it was missing a little something but I didn't leave any on the plate!

Look at that face! How could I NOT let her get dessert. She was just carb-loading....

The reason for our visit, The Race for Grace.

While I wasn't running, this little girl was and she was more than excited!

Everybody warms up in different ways!

I was also there to support Becca, who was running the 5K.

Look at them all ready to go!
As jealous as I was that I wasn't running, I was seriously excited for them and ready to cheer. Becca's 5K was up first. The course was basically an out and in. As I stood at the finish line, watching all the people run to finish, I saw a flash of purple booking it and picking off basically everybody she could see! She nailed the strong finish!

Then it was Kaitlyn's turn. The run for the kids was really cute. It was a "1-Mile Fireman Chase", so the firefighter's got in their gear and the kids chased them. It was a mile (in and out also) and I was a bit nervous because she has never run that far in a continuous manner. (Like most 6 year olds, she tends to go all out as soon as she starts running) The first half of the mile was on a small, yet steady, hill. It wasn't too bad though because it made finishing easier.

With that red face you can tell she put all her effort into it. She was pretty excited about her medal also. This is her second one and she's already talking about how many more than me she is going to have when she's my age:-)

That night when we got back from the middle-of-nowhere we did a little grocery shopping. I decided to try a vegetable that I have avoided since I was a kid. Brussel Sprouts. I see so many people eating them on the blogs that I read and I'd never had them roasted (which is how I do all my veggies these days) so I tossed them, along with some fresh green beans and broccoli, in a bit of olive oil, seasoned to taste and baked at 450 for 20 minutes.

Whole lot of greens! They were awesome! Kaitlyn ate all my green beans, but she did also say the brussel sprouts were good. I see a new obsession forming.

I swear there are spinach and kale under all those roasted veggies and smoked beef sausage. That salad was memorable.


  1. How cute! I'm so glad they had medals for the kiddos.

    1. Thanks! So was I! Especially for a smaller size run.

  2. What a fun event. So glad they had so much fun.

    Yummy salad!