Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Items for Me and a FREE Race Entry for YOU!

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are ones that turn me on to new products, so I thought I'd do one of those today. 

1. Almond Milk Yogurt. I'm really excited to try these tomorrow! I was recently told to go off dairy made from cow's milk (by a nutritionist I am seeing for my Alopecia Areata......that'll be reserved for another post though). While it didn't bother me too much, I really do miss the occasional greek yogurt. I've seen these at the store, but they are a bit pricey for me, so until today I haven't tried them. 

2. Food Life Gluten Free Rice Millet Bread. I LOVE RUNNY EGGS AND TOAST. Let me just say that. If I could only have bread with one thing for the rest of my life, I'd toast that shit up and put a runny egg on it (with jam and hot sauce of course). This better be good. 

3. Applegate Organics Organic Turkey Burgers. Just a spur of the moment buy. I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to get some quality protein. 

4. Meyenberg Low Fat Goat's Milk. Goat's milk was reallllly hard to get used to. I think I was being a kid and the thought of it kind of made me nauseated, but it really grew on me. I don't typically go for "low-fat" foods but I thought it might be a little less rich than Whole Goat's Milk, so I'd give it a try.

5. Salted Caramel GU. I almost made innappropriate sounds when I saw this new GU flavor at the check out of the Sports Authority. Let it be known that I would eat just about anything that has salted caramel on it. I am planning on a double digit run this Sunday and can't wait to bring this with me!

6. Under Armour Women's Training Socks. I have been getting some SERIOUS blisters recently. I've never had particularly attractive feet, but they've recently took a change for the worse when I bought new shoes. The new shoes feel great and cost me a pretty penny, so they aren't going anywhere. Enter new socks. Hopefully I'll finish my next long run without a disgusting, blood filled blister sticking out of the side of my foot.


and now I have something for you!

I was recently contacted about participating in the Williamsburg Half Marathon. After looking at the website ( I couldn't help but sign up! Historic Williamsburg is sure to deliver a beautiful, scenic race, and the money raised benefits a more than worthy cause. 

and I have a FREE race entry for one of my readers. 

To enter: Simply leave a comment and tell me what new item you're trying these days! I will pick a winner on Friday, May 9.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leg Day.

Hey, Hey! How goes it? 

I've been meaning to post for weeks now, but things around here have been SO busy. 

Obviously, since we last spoke, I've been running. 

I recently switched my running to the mornings and I have been loving it! There isn't a better way to start the day.

Plus, Pennsylvania Avenue/Capitol Hill is usually packed with runners, so I'm not alone!

Isn't it so beautiful and peaceful before the sun comes up? 

Also on my workout agenda these days? Weights. Usually I am a high rep, low weight circuit kinda girl. For almost two weeks though, I've been putting that personal trainer certification to work and focusing on making some strength gains. 

8-12 reps, 3-5 sets of every move. 

I thought I'd share the leg workout that I put together that's made me hurt SO good. (Seriously, I'm really damn sore for 2-3 days.)

Squats - 85 lbs
Bosu Ball Squats - 20
Lunges - 40 lbs 

Deadlifts - 85 lbs
Jumping Lunges - 12
Plie Squats - 50 lbs

Bulgarian Squats - 30 lbs
Box Jumps 
Step up to balance - 30 lbs

I'm only on 3 sets of each at the moment and that is PLENTY enough for me. Sitting down or climbing stairs ain't feeling so good these days. 

Do you have a good leg workout?

Try mine and give me some feedback?

Are you a morning runner?