Monday, September 17, 2012

Failed Attempt at a Tempo Run and Desserts

Saturday's tempo run was.....well it happened. Seeing as though this was my first tempo run and I don't have a reliable way to track my pace while running I had to kind of just feel it out.

**Side note: I have the Nike App built into my iPod. It's very weird how it works. If I hit it while I am running it will tell me my pace, distance and time. The only kicker is the pace is NEVER right while I am running. It will say "6:45" one second (way too fast for me) and anywhere from 20:00 to 55:00. It is always right at the end of my workout though when it tells me my average pace. I just use the time and go to to verify the distance. Always right.

So I started slow and I think I nailed the first mile around 9:00, which is what I wanted. Then I started my gradual increase. I don't think I was too gradual. I burnt myself out by the 17 minute mark. I took a couple minute stretch break and went back too it. I started out faster than usual and went to a slower pace, but it was reallllly hard for me to not finish strong. It's just kind of what I do. I'll need to learn how to do this.

After the run, it was time for the fun! (rhyming IS cool)

I went to Kerfuffle with my family and friends.

Tailgating ensued. (We are on the DC101 website!)

While we were enjoying the tunes of Anberlin, Garbage, Sublime and The Offspring my brother got THIS for me.

Now I will die happy.

Sunday morning I woke up NOT in any condition to run. Little too much Bud Light and no water for 10 hours Saturday night. As I replenished my levels I got my legs going by walking to the Farmer's Market.

Check out the awesome colors. I love Fall.


I got a few things there (Okra! First time ever and I'm excited to try it) then walked to the grocery store and got a few more things for a day of baking/cooking.

Black bean soup. Looks like crap but it was delicious. I even used the dry beans and soaked beforehand, then let it cook for 4 hours. So domesticated.

I made my sister this pistachio cake with honey butter cream icing. Most labor intensive cake I have ever made and it was just alright....I made Chili Brownies too. Also mediocre.

During the midst of all the domesticated behavior I went on a 4 mile trail run. It was absolutely amazing! SUPER hilly and according to the Nike App I kept the same pace I do while running on the road. This just proves that I have SO much more in me than I really use. I need to push my body longer and further.

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