Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fruits of Their Labor.

Monday's workout called for 3 miles and strength training. I quickly ran on the treadmill, then got right into the weights. As much as I wanted to do my normal class, I realized that it's been quite some time since I did my ankle weight exercises for my hips. So I made up a little circuit using a 12 lb ankle weight:

Inner Thigh Lift (Lie on your back with your right left bent, your left leg straight out with a flexed foot turned out to the left): 25 reps
Side Lying Leg Lift: 25 reps
Donkey Kicks: 25 reps
**Repeat twice**
After I did 2 sets on each leg I used the resistance band and did:
Tricep Press: 12
Chest Fly: 20
Bicep Curls: 15

Then you switch the weights on your legs and repeat everything 4 times. Hell of a workout.

Today's workout was not as intense. I had 4.5 miles to do and didn't want to push myself too much since I am doing a speed workout and have my race on Sunday. When I saw that I had forgotten my head phones at my desk I decided to push myself more mentally.

I got on the treadmill. The boring treadmill....and I ran. No music. No book. Nothing but me in my own thoughts (When I said that to a coworker she said "WOW that's a scary place to be. LOL. nice). I maintained an average pace of 8:20 and felt damn good about it. Maybe I'm closer to my goal 5K pace than I think:-)

After my run I went to a 45 minute yoga class. I got back to my desk feeling like a big bowl of amazing.

Staying true to my ways, I'm done talking about working out and on to food.

Can you check out this frickin' apple?!?!

Look at how big it is!! It's incredible! Almost half the size of my child's head! (and she is a BIG 6 year old). Let me tell you what, the taste amazed us even more than the size!!  It was SO delicious and crisp.

Do you want to know where you can get this beauty? Southern Maryland.

I'm not a fan of Maryland for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are cops EVERYWHERE. Not that I'm hiding anything but they can, and will, pull you over for every.single.thing. They even have speed cameras on the damn highway! That's sick.
Secondly, you can't buy beer in grocery stores. You have to go to a liqour store. A nasty, run down, shady-looking liquor store. For my beer?? That's ridiculous. I should be able to buy beer with my groceries. And if I want wine?? I have to go to an entirely different store!
Thirdly, the grocery stores suck. BIG time. No Wegmans, No Harris Teeter, No Whole Foods, No Trader Joes. They have Shoppers. Don't you dare try to find a Kashi product or gluten free product in them either, because you can't.

**Forgive my rant, back to the apples**

Despite all this, Southern Maryland has the BEST Farmer's Markets and produce stands ever. All of their products are delicious, juicy and cheaper than any grocery store/farmer's market in VA.

We bought 5 of these apples for $4 (Seriously, what a bargain!!)  at a stand on the side of the road on Saturday. That beauty was our last one.

It was SO big I cut it into thirds. Kaitlyn and I each had a third of it for breakfast, I had the other third for lunch.

With some crunchy, salty almond butter and scrambled eggs with avocado and Cholula.

You know where to find me this weekend. Buying more than one bag this time.


  1. Wow! I'm so impressed that the huge apple tasted good. I just got some apples in my CSA box yesterday and they were fantastic.

    1. I LOVE apples. Probably my favorite fruit.

  2. That apple is huge. Total mutant. Glad it tasted good! =)