Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Cheating on my Brooks with my Asics.

Last Friday I skipped my lunch time workout and headed home early. Comcast (man, do I loathe them) were coming to my house. I figured I could fit a short run in before or after. They came early and I headed out.

Now usually, heat doesn't really bother me. (I am such a wuss for the cold weather though). Friday it was about 90 degrees when I left my house. The issue was the humidity. 96% humidity. Not a joke. I felt like everything was off. My legs felt like lead. My breathing was off. I was thirsty the entire time. I really should have brought water with me. Lesson learned. Humidity is NOT to be messed with.  I cranked out 5.5 laborous miles.

This made up for it.

Tuna is SO good after a run. I don't know why. (Hell, it's good ALL the time). Put it on bagel with some Colby and Muenster cheese. Plus all that Cholula. Heaven.

I've been meaning to talk about my switch in shoes recently.

Running does not make my foot hurt. It does feel weird though. Like I am aware of the soles of my feet. Like I can feel the road under them. Not a great thing. The Brooks GTS that I'm wearing were brand new so I knew it wasn't because their mileage was too high. Perhaps they just aren't going to do it for me anymore. (I don't see why they are always changing them. Why fix something that isn't broken?? Ugh.)

I went into VA Runner and told them my issues. These are what I left with.

So far, so good. I still get a tad bit achy the night of run, but it does feel like I have more cushioning during my run. They are prettttty squishy:-)

 For the meantime, I'm not just getting rid of my Brooks. I have always been an avid Brooks girl. Their shoes, their gear. They are just great. For the time being, I am rotating the two pairs of shoes. I'm making note of how I feel in them in regards to different lengths and different surfaces. I may be able to wear my Brooks for trail runs still, saving miles on my new Asics.

VA Runner also reccomended Saucony shoes. I have never worn these either. I might try them out as well when I get some extra money. The more shoes, the better!

I am an overpronator. (Making my stride less-than attractive or athletic looking, but hey, you work with what you got) Anybody else overpronate and have a good pair of support shoes?

I love to hear about all the shoes people are wearing. You can even tell me about your socks if you're feeling extra giving.


  1. I wear brooks mostly - flows and Ghost 3s and 5s. I also race in Adidas adizero shoes for 5ks. Just love the minimalist shoes and having light shoes. I love tuna too - I never eat it enough though cause I keep the cans in the pantry and always forget about them, but i am making tuna noddle casserole tomorrow night for dinnerr!

    1. I may try the PureCadence as well. There are just too many to choose from!

      So you race in a minimalist shoe but don't train in it?

      That sounds delicious. I love it but rarely make it.