Saturday, August 4, 2012

Me and Machinery don't mix....

What a crazy week it has been. I have been pretty absent at work, so my new "group fitness" fix was put on hold. I did, however, get some biking in....

Last Sunday we had a family brunch at my place. My sister put together quite the spread...

It was my first time ever having a fried egg. I don't usually do yolks. They freak me out...but I felt like putting it on top of black beans, homemade salsa and avocado. It couldn't be be bad. I was
After the meal, I felt like a workout was in order. I broke out the nice little Trek bike that my coworker is so graciously lending me and headed out.

About 10 miles into my ride things started to feel a little bit off. Seeing as though I know NOTHING about bikes it took me a while to notice that the front tire was flat. I got off to check out the situation and noticed that the back tire was also flat. Who the hell does this even happen to!? I had no idea what to do.....can you fill those things up at air pumps at a gas station like you can a car? Seeing as though it wasn't my bike, it's very pricey and I didn't know that to do, I decided to call my sister to come and rescue me. At least I got about a mile of walking in (bike in tow) before she came to get me.
I got home and, feeling defeated, walked across the street to the gym and rocked the elliptical and some weights.
After talking to the boy's BIL who works at the Bike Doctor , I discovered that the tires will go low if they aren't full when you're riding and that you should check the air pressure every time before you leave the house. I also found out that this awesome bike was WAY to small for me (bummer) but that they had a street bike that would fit me and they'd let me borrow it. Win.

I took it out the very first day I got it. Let me tell you what though, it's scary to ride on the roads. Especially in NOVA where traffic can get really insane. For this reason, I wanted to ride on the sidewalk my first time on this bike. BAD MOVE. I was coming back onto the sidewalk (only about a mile into my ride) and one of those tiny little tires got stuck in the groove between the grass and the sidewalk. Let me tell you what. I effing ate it. Before I knew it I flew into the street, landing on my head. Disaster. (Always wear your helmet). Since nothing seemed to be seriously hurt (besides my ego) I decided not to quit and made a very nice workout out of it.

**PS - I am still sore from that wreck. The side of my legs and neck are stiff and I have road rash on my right shoulder blade**
I feel like this is why I run. Grace, I have none. Coordination, what is that? Common Sense, hardly.
I am learning my lessons though. I ride on the street shoulders, I check my tires and I bring my phone whenever I go out. It is easy to make it back 2 miles to your house if something happens while running. It is quite another when your up in the double digit miles away from your house and aren't prepared.


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    1. Thank you. It realllllly was. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I really love to cook, and while I did assist on this, my twin sister hooked it up:-)

  2. Oh no on the bike accident. I hope you are feeling better now. I ride my bike about once a week and am always a little extra cautious on the roads. I do usually make loops relatively close to home.

    I hope your next ride goes better.

    1. Thanks Carrie. I'm slowly picking it up! The accident was definitely a lesson learned!

      I've had many good rides since then!