Thursday, August 16, 2012

A 6 Year Old Showed Me Up

Thursday. This means today's Group Fitness Class was Ultimate Circuit. Usually, I'm pumped for this class. Today, I felt tired. Not just tired, but an overall sore, "I don't want to do shit that involves moving" kind of tired. This being said, I knew that I usually am tired but go to class and bring it and the energy instantly comes.

Today this was not the case.

First of all, I know I have talked about this class before but it is hard. Like only a few people come back, I'm am the only girl in the class hard. We do it all. Sprinting, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, planks, push ups, chest press, flys, tricep press, stairs, burpees, core work......For example. This was part of the warm-up. One jumping jack. One burpee, two jumping jacks, two burpees, three jumping jacks, etc. This continued until ten then we went back down. That was less then half the work out. Serious business.

I pushed through but it only made me even more tired. When I fall asleep tonight I don't think a tornado could wake me up.

We'll see if I can force a rest day upon myself tomorrow. Depends on how I am feeling.

After work we came home and this is the first thing I saw when I put my bags down.

This girl is addicted to the pull up bar. Please don't think I am a crazy "you're going to workout when your six" type mom. She won't let me put it away. Every time I go down the hallway there is a chair from our dining room table in my doorway. Better her than me. I can only do one, and this is just recently.

While GI Jane pumped out the pull-ups, I made us an early dinner. (Who am I kidding, we always eat early. Gotta eat by 5:30 to make our 8:00 bedtime lol)

My mom sent me home with some adzuki beans. I cooked those up (seasoned with garlic, cumin, pepper and a hint of cayenne), cooked some chicken with garlic and onion and some fresh green beans. Once the green beans were boiled I threw them in the pan with the chicken, garlic and onion to crisp the outside a bit.

Smothered in Cholula of course!


  1. Does your daughter eat that yumminess?

    I love her on the pull up bar - I hate when my kids show me up.

    1. Yes. My daughter eats EVERYTHING. Don't get my wrong, she loves her chips, goldfish, candy, etc. but she will eat all the good-for-her food also. She especially loves rice and beans (her favorite are black-eyed peas), chicken, turkey/chicken sausage or kielbasa. Her all time favorites are yogurts and fruit. She begs me to buy her raspberries or blackberries and eats the entire container in one sitting. :-)