Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finding the Balance

Monday's Chiseled Physique class was awesome. We had a new instructor.
She switched it up and I really loved it. Lots and lots of squats with
pressing, lunges with curling, core, etc. I am LOVING the
multi-tasking and the extra "umph" I put in that I just can't seem to
get myself to do alone.

After work and picking up Kaitlyn, we hit up the track. It's a nice
3/4 of a mile walk there (perfect for a brisk walk to warm up). Once
we arrived I starting doing circles while Kaitlyn did a little biking
on the hills, a little exploring and a little relaxing. I completed 3
hot, sweaty miles. I'm not going to lie. They were not easy....but
only on a mental note. The track can realllllly suck sometimes. You go
around and around and around, counting up or down, looking at the same
old shit you saw the last quarter mile. It was my only choice though,
and I am so thankful to actually be able to, so I ran it.

I'm also a liar because I told myself to stay at 2 miles for a week
then implement the 10% rule, only running ever other least I didn't go TOO crazy and I am only running
every other day. ( Which means tonight is a go!!)

Tuesday I found myself stiff and sore. My left calf and my hips. So
what's a girl to do....but some yoga! Although I have only taken the
Yoga class at my work twice I am really loving it. (I could feel a
difference in my practice just in a week). I walked out of there
feeling great. Yes, I tipped and I lost my balance and I let the
thoughts in my head take over on occasion...but it's all about
personal progress.

I decided that I wouldn't be doing any workout Tuesday night. In the
past four days I have biked almost 40 miles, done 90 minutes of Yoga,
done 90 minutes of weight lifting, ran 5 miles (it's crazy how awesome
the number "5" even sounds) and walked a decent amount.
So what did I do with myself last night? Well my sister came over.
With Corona. and pretzels. and pizza. and guacamole. So that's what we did....While watching the first Sex and the City Movie..... Since I'm
not working out, I'm over-indulging? Balance needs to be found, but
it's not easy. Especially when you are struggling with things in your
personal life. If I get stressed out  I either want to run or want a
beer. Or both. (Although hopefully I get the run in before I get to
the beer. lol)

It's not like I have a drinking problem, but why must I do this? I
think that this sort of thing is particularly common. Especially in
athletes. Do you experience this?

On a non-rambling note, today's spin class was awesome. The instructor really pushes us and has us to an upper body workout while riding, which I love. When  I got home I headed out for a run. Not timed or measured, just ran. Turns out I did 4.44, a little more than I wanted to but I felt great.

A double workout day calls for a substantial, healthy dinner..

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