Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Fun in Jersey

Friday was a quick day at work. I got a Chiseled Physique class in, then had this lovely treat waiting for me when I got back to my desk. (Courtesy of my coworker who went to Truckeroo.)

It is a salad from The Hula Girl Food Truck , it had greens, shredded napa cabbage, cucumber, edamame, green onions, macadamia nuts, pickled carrots & daikon with ginger-soy dressing
I wish it had a bit more of the vegetables besides the greens, but it was packed with chicken and the dressing was amazing.

I got to leave work early and get a 3.5 mile run in. It was dreadfully hot and miserable.  This weekend I was headed to New Jersey for to visit my best friend, Shelly who just got back (she is amazingly awesome and is in the Coast Guard) One of my other best friends, Ryan, and my daughter Kaitlyn accompanied me.

We got hungry (of course) and found ourselves in "Greek Town" in the outskirts of Baltimore. Chicken gyro and spinach pies.....it was mediocre. Tons of chicken though. 

We arrived late Friday night and started our fun on Saturday.  I got up and headed out for a run. Shelly ran with me and Kaitlyn biked. They decided to stop after a mile (Kaitlyn was tired and Shelly's dog was not cooperating). I ventured out further and had the best run I've probably had since I started running again. I didn't measure it but it was about 40 minutes in total. I did an out and in and on the way back I really hit a nice, comfortable stride:-)
Then we headed out to check out a butterfly exhibit. Kind of lame because it was so small....

One of my favorite pictures of us two to date!

We hit up a bunch of other shops afterwards. All of the shops were really small and quaint. I loved the Cheese Store. Now usually I am not a huge cheese fan but they had a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Ball that was AMAZING! I was THAT girl who took a ton of samples! Feeling badly, I bought a jar of Basil Pesto Mustard.....it was interesting. I also got a jar of Apple Jalapeno Jam from a jam store. Paired with an egg sandwich, it was awesome! We then headed to downtown Cape May for more shopping and home for a BBQ!
Sunday morning we all jumped in the car and rode out to Gun Powder State Park in Maryland for some fun hiking.

This girl rocked it!!

All-in-all a great weekend with great people! I really needed this little getaway!