Friday, August 10, 2012

Circuit Training Thursday!

Thursday's workout was one of my new favorites. Ultimate Circuit. I can honestly say that I haven't been out of breath like that for a long time. The class lasted an hour. The warm up was a bunch of high knees, butt kicks, backward lunges and squats. (Have you ever tried a reverse squat?? Start as low as you can and only go half way up then back down. Holy Crap.)

The circuits were each 2 minutes each and included:
1. Push-ups and Planks
2. Sit-ups and Oblique Twists with weights
3. Sprinting up and down the stairs
4. Sprinting and jogging across the workout room
5. Power squats
6. Pushing a sled (The instructor gets a step, like you would use in an aerobics class, and puts towels on the bottom. You start with 20 lbs on top and have to push it across the room and back, adding 10 lbs each time you get back. It is so low it turns into a sprint in a "mountain climber" position WITH weights. Terrible hard in an oh-so-awesome way)
7. Shoulder presses with a 24 lb body bar
8. Even more power squats:-)

I think that I am forgetting something. The instructor changes it up each class. Last week we did some work with resistance bands, which are a great workout.

After lunch I had to continue my current obsession with hummus. Multigrain bread from the farmer's market, with roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber, tomato and some leftover roasted squash from last night. Delicious.

That is a hell of a big sandwich:-)

Work was kind of slow yesterday because the bosses are out. My company was having an ice cream social down the street. This wasn't the cheap 5 gallon tub of ice cream from Costco either. It was catered by a company called Paradise Ice Cream and it was homemade! Maybe the best strawberry ice cream I have ever consumed.

Not in a hurry to get back to my freezing cold office, and in efforts to walk off a bit of that delicious ice cream, I took a walk around our beautiful nation’s capital.

Check out the kids playing in the fountain. At first I was a little “uhhh that’s gross please get your children out of the water. I’m sure you have a hose at home…

But it turns out I’m a tad bit judgmental because I walked a bit further and saw that there is a

water park there! (Well, mostly a large fountain/water fall thing labeled “Water Park”) FULL of people. How did I not know we had this a quarter mile from my work? I really need to get out more.

Last night was a no-run night. It was probably for the best because the little girl and I had a lot to do. We are leaving for New Jersey this weekend and had some laundry, packing, cleaning and baking to do! Every time I go see my best friend I have to bring carrot cake. She LOVES my carrot cakes. It’s kind of unspoken at this point. If I don’t have it with me, don’t bother coming. Haha. Just kidding…Sort of….

Plenty extra so I brought this dozen into work today. I’m rallying for most-liked person in the office….J

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  1. That cupcake was delicious. Thanks for keepin the scavengers away long enough for me to get one!!