Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walking it out and a VERY brief run.

What a busy week it's been....

Tuesday morning I had a meeting at work, so much to my dismay I missed yoga class. When I got home I decided that something had to be done about this. I had to bring my mother's bike back to her house. It won't fit in my car, but she's only a couple miles away, so Kaitlyn and I took to the streets. When we got to my mother's, Kaitlyn dediced that she'd rather stay and play with her cousings than make the trip back. So I sped walked home and decided to take a little spin on a Trek bike that my coworker agreed to let me borrow. I only got to take it out for about 30 minutes before I had to go get Kaitlyn, but it was MUCH different than the mountain bike I've been borrowing from my mom....I still need to figure out the gears, but man was I going fast.

Wednesday brought one of my favorite classes (although I have said that about ALL of them!). Peaks and Valleys. An intense spin class that I particularly love because I walk out drenched in sweat. That night when I got home, Kaitlyn and I decided to do some walking as well. We decided to go to a school by our house. To our surprise, everybody else was thinking the same thing.

The track was packed! There was a large soccer game going. People walking, running, biking, doing hills. I was blown away. It was a secret little world down the street that we never knew about.

Thursday and Friday I did not go to work, so I wasn't able to make it to the gym. The only thing we did was a bit of walking. To the library, to see my mother then back home. It was nice to get out, break a sweat and loosen my legs up while still spending time with this little girl...

Quite the model.

She decided to stay at my mothers so I ended up walking home by myself. During the last leg of my walk, I was crossing the street when I saw a car approaching. Naturally, I picked it up to a jog. Then something in my head just clicked. I couldn't stop the stride. I (stupidly) jogged the remainder of the way home. It felt amazing. My foot was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing excruciating. After I got home and showered I cursed myself because my foot had started to ache more. I'm doing my best to listen to the doctor......I won't be doing that again, but I have so many stressful things happening at the moment that I think I needed it. If only for a couple of minutes.

Friday night brought our usual trip to Southern Maryland to be with our boys. You know this means we had ourselves a little BBQ.

Can I just tell you how crazy the weather was that night. It was POURING down rain for a bit, while the sun was still shining bright as ever. Resulting in beautiful rainbows!

and Kaitlyn stealing my camera....

Right now we're having a great Saturday, which so far has included breakfast and a trip to the park.

and will hopefully end with a loooong, hot bike ride and another BBQ for dinner.

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