Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Track is a Terrible Place.

Yesterday I had planned to do my Monday Pilates class but the gym didn't open until noon because a couple of pieces of ice feel that morning.....ugh.
So I took the entire day just to rest. It was pretty nice but I really enjoy taking that break away from my desk. I always come back chipper and energized.
When Kaitlyn and I got home we got right to business.
This week its her turn to take home Speedy, the flower pictured below. We have to show him a good time, take some pictures and Kaitlyn has to write in his journal about his adventures.
Naturally, we went and got froyo before we started playing with her Christmas presents (Yes, she still has presents IN THE BOXES. She is the most spoiled child I know. This is only about 1/5 of what she got). Speedy will write nothing but good things in his journal:-)
Today's weather was AMAZING. 67 and sunny! On Jan. 29?? I don't know what the hell is going on but I'll take it.
As much as I wanted to go and run outside during work, I felt like Kaitlyn should get to partake in this fabulous weather as well. I skipped my break today and left work a bit earlier than usual so we could head to the hell the track.
It's exactly a mile away from my house, so during the summer it was perfect to run there as a warm-up, do a speed session, and run back to cool down.
Running on it straight for miles?? AWFUL. Worse than the treadmill. I only did 3 miles on it (5 total miles today) and I felt like I might want to slight my wrists. Just a little though.
She helped kill a boredom a bit.
Today my run was a little different than usual because I actually ran with no timing device. I just ran at the pace that my body felt like it and to my surprise, I kind of liked it!
Sometimes, especially during my marathon training, I see the pace that I'm running at and it drives me NUTS.
 "Why is an 8:30 pace for 3 miles so hard when I ran 10 miles at an 8:20 pace last week and it was easy?? "
Thoughts like this run through my mind and I beat myself up mentally and maybe even push myself farther, on that particular day, than I should. For this reason, I've decided to not time myself during every single run. During at least two of my runs (probably my shorter ones 4-5 miles) I will not time myself at all. This is my goal. I'm anxious if it helps me fully recover from those long runs.
After Kaitlyn and I got home tonight, we had a pish-posh dinner.
She asked me for a smoothie for dessert. I happily obliged:-)


  1. I hope she enjoyed her smoothie :-) I always run watch less lately and it's so freeing! Glad you had a good experience!

    1. I'm definitely going to have to try it more often!