Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Week With No Running.....

This week has been really slow on the running front. After my short 4 miler and a Yoga class on Tuesday by foot pain increased drastically. Seeing as though this was the same foot I fractured back in May, and the pain was centralized in the ball of my foot, I decided that this is not something I'm going to ignore.

I emailed my doctor letting her know what was going on and she immediately sent me to get my foot x-rayed.

The good news is that I did not re fracture my foot.

The bad news is that I still don't know why it's hurting so much and still have to take some time off from running. As bad as this stings since I'm weeks deep into my marathon training, I know that if I push through this chances are I won't be running a marathon at all......

So for now I strength train. I do workout DVDs, continue with my spin, Pilates and Yoga classes and get on a bike or elliptical whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Just because your injured doesn't mean you have to let your fitness go completely. Work around it. Find things you can do that don't exasperate the issue.

I've still gotten some SERIOUS workouts in. My hamstrings, glutes and quads are really sore these days!! Switching things up and keeping your body guessing results in GREAT results.

I'll continue to push myself in other areas of fitness and hopefully return to running in a week or so:-)

My marathon is not yet off the table!


  1. So glad it's not fractured and so glad you went to get it checked out. We can be so stubborn and avoid doctors so often.

    Glad you're keeping active and still resting your foot. Fingers crossed for a complete recovery so that your marathon plan still works out.

    1. Thanks! I haven't ran in 5 days and it is feeling better! I did do a workout video with jumping in it yesterday and I was "aware" of it (if that makes sense) but no pain afterwards.

      I live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex so it's concrete....I'm sure jumping on that is harder than running on dirt or a treadmill!

  2. What do you think the best workouts to maintain fitness while injured are? I have been injured for 3 weeks, but I feel like my fitness is sliding. Any tips??

    1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I just went over to yours and I see that you have a stress fracture and you're in the boot....I was in that thing last May, but I had to wear it for 9 weeks! I ignored pain (probably a stress fracture) and ran a race, snapped my bone in half and kept running 10 more miles! Leaving it fragmented and dislodged. Obviously, you should not ignore the pain and do anything that's going to make it worse. You have to let it heal.

      While I was in the boot I couldn't even swim or bike, so things could be worse! haha. I didn't stop working out though. I did a large amount of strength training. I took the boot off and put a 10lb ankle weight on and worked every muscle in my body. As much as I thought I was losing my fitness, I actually maintained my weight and when I did come back I was faster than I had ever been! I promise that, a couple weeks after you're cleared to come back, you'll be where you were!

      I know it's frustrating though!