Monday, January 7, 2013

I Crashed into a Wall.

This past week, running-wise, has not been the greatest for me. About a week ago, I started to feel a slight pain in my left arch. Nothing to substantial but it definitely didn't feel like it should. The pain has started to intensify. It got really bad last Sunday after my long run, hurting the worst when I first got out of bed Monday morning.
Obviously, I've been trying to take it a bit easier this week. Seeing as though I once ran 10 miles on a broken foot , I know that I have a tendency to ignore my pain.
Personally, I think it is more than likely my Plantar Fasciitis. It hurts worse in the morning and after a long run, feels better with icing, stretching/rolling (I have been rolling my foot on a baseball! Holy Crap. What a painful pleasure!), Ibuprofen and a soft running surface.
 I have had Plantar Fasciitis before and I know it's not fun. If ignored, it can become a serious side liner. I will continue to play it safe.
I decided to cancel my 7-miler on Saturday. On Sunday, I decided to go into VA Runner and talk to the employees there. (They are all runners and extremely knowledgeable). It was recommended that I try a good pair of inserts to give me some more support. After a strong recommendation and a short test run I purchased a pair of Spenco Total Support Insoles.
Does anything make a run better than new gear??!?! Don't think so.
I headed to Prince William Forest Park to try out their trails for the first time. The rangers there were very helpful but as soon as I left the visitor center I couldn't find a damn place they told me to go to! Haha.
I just picked the first trail I found.
The trails were definitely a bit tougher than what I have been doing (this picture really doesn't show that though.) There were some parts where running was not an option. They were too close to the banks, or covered in rocks, or muddy, or all of the above. I didn't mind though. Made things interesting. 
I really thought that things were going well until suddenly, around mile 9, I ran into a brick wall. I know this is just a figure of speech for runners but I swear to you, this wall was real.
Luckily, I ended up popping out of the woods and running less than a mile back to my car.
I refueled with a GU Tri-Berry and some water.
PS - I have only just gotten running gear with thumb holes. It's popular for a reason. I'm a fan. This is a Fila Pullover that I got for Christmas along with there running tights and a jacket. Great gift!
I trudged back into those woods hoping that the gel would kick in soon. It never happened. Ever. The last few miles were excruciatingly long. My step was all out of pep.
Then I came across this thing....
and got the hell out of dodge!
ha ha. Just kidding. I would have pooped my pants, without a doubt. We went to The Baltimore Aquarium on Saturday and my daughter asked me to take this picture....
I didn't complete my 15 miles. I claim to have completed 12 but I'm not totally sure, it's very hard to measure distance when trail running. At least my foot wasn't worse than when I started (I definitely think the insoles helped) and I only feel 3x!
After giving it some thought, I've decided that I probably didn't eat enough that day. I had toast with almond butter around 10:00 am, a Clif Bar around 1:30, then ran at 3:00/ That's only about 500 calories.....and I expected my body to carry me 15 miles?? No way.
I've got to start eating a hearty, carb dinner on Saturday nights and a big breakfast early Sunday if I expect to make it out of these long runs feeling good.


  1. Yea, 15 miles on that amount of food - probably not going to work.

    OMG, that snake would turn me off the trails for a really long time.

    I'm struggling with PF too. I really haven't run much at all. The weird thing is that I didn't really have any pain before it just got horrible. I've been walking and bike riding. I'm starting to miss running a lot.

    The stretching and rolling help a ton. I'm thinking I need some shoe ideas too. I'm going to check out the Hoka One Ones - heard great things.

    1. The snake wasn't actually on the trail. lol.

      I'm not firmiliar with Hoka One Ones.....

  2. I'd say you definitely need more fuel than that, sister. Can we please be friends and go trail running together soon? Maybe this can be organized while in Jersey? Miss your face.

    1. It's a tricky balance though! Too much food (especially high in fat) and I'll be on the side of the trail.....

      YES, of course we can go trail running!