Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cabin Fever

It's official. I have cabin fever.
My poor daughter has been sick with the flu since Wednesday. This means that we are confined to the apartment so all of my workouts must be at home.
While I have managed to get some really good sweat sessions in (thanks to Jillian Michael's and P90X) the rest of the hours in the days have consisted of sweat pants and lounging on the couch. The first day wasn't it's Sunday night and I feel like a blob.
My priority is getting this little girl back to health though. She's still running a fever, won't eat, and is coughing and sneezing all day. So for now, we lounge.
and bake of course.
Baby girl -requested home made cinnamon rolls. When baby girl is sick, Mama delivers.
I happened to have all the ingredients for overnight cinnamon rolls.
**We haven't even left to go to the grocery store. I need fresh fruits and vegetables in my life**
I was pretty nervous about making these since they call for yeast. I have never had a good experience cooking with yeast. I always, always kill it. This time, I was successful!
The night before.
The only change I made was adding pecans to the filling (healthy fats, baby!) and I used an easy cream cheese icing for the plain fact that cream cheese is amazing, plus I don't keep corn syrup.
They were amazing the next morning! A job well done.


  1. Oh no- I hate it when kids are sick; it seems like their little bodies have to work so hard to fight it off. Hope she feels better soon! And, those cinnamon rolls look incredible. I might just have to make them this week ;)

    1. I know. Her tiny little body is taking it rough. and she looks so sick! Sunken, droopy eyes.....

      They were really good! Are you an avid baker?

  2. Um those cinnamon rolls look incredible! I need some in my life! I hope Kaitlyn continues to feel better!

    1. Thaanks! They weren't that hard to do either!!