Friday, January 25, 2013

Amazing Food and Fashion

I am exceptionally tired this week. I suppose "mini-vacations" will do that to you....and life in general.
Wednesdays are my cross training day.  I should really make them my rest day because I don't want to do anything....but Wednesday is the only day interval spin is offered at my gym, so to spin class I went.
and it served as the perfect pick me up:-)
The class that I take is called Lean and Spin. Intervals on the bike. We climb a lot of hills, do a lot of jumps and sprints, do push ups and isolation work (have you ever tried standing on the bike and isolating your legs...wowzers!! Talk about your quad burn).
Since on Wednesday, most people talk about food, I thought I'd show you my amazingly good dinner.....
I made turkey burgers for dinner. I think it was the toppings that made it so awesome. Avocado, Colby Jack Cheese (I usually don't even like cheese that much but it was calling to me), relish, garlic hummus and my beloved Cholula.
I didn't want it to end.
**Don't judge me for all the crap on the table. I was going through my mail.**
I also had a scoop of this amazing stuff to finish it up.
Coffee is my favorite ice cream flavor and toffee is my favorite candy. It's a match made in heaven.
Thursday morning I woke up and discovered that it actually snowed!! The first snow of winter. Obviously, my run was on a treadmill. 8 miles on a treadmill feels like 17. At least I got it done.
By the way, I have a serious callus/blister thing on the inside of my right foot. This bad boy is as big as my thumb.
It forced me to pull my old lady card and take off my heels and wear sneakers and a skirt. 


  1. That burger looks awesome.

    I hope your blister heals quickly - but the sneakers and skirt look is great. ;-)

  2. Yay for comfy shoes with dress clothes! I almost always rock gym shoes with black pants for work ;)

    1. I wear them with pants all the time, but something seems wrong with wearing them with a skirt. haha.

  3. LOL that's my dinner table on a regular basis i think ;)

    8 miles on treadmill, I am impreeeeeeessed! I mentally seem to max out at 3. Anything past that and I'm throwing myself a party!

    1. Somtimes I can really get in the zone and it's not so bad. Some days every mile drags....