Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Baths = Torture

This weekend I put in some serious mileage.
Saturday called for an 8 mile run. I really wanted to go outside and run since the treadmill is driving me crazy but I ended up on that damn thing again, for a couple of reasons:
1. I finally got my new Brooks Pure Cadence!!! SO EXCITING!! I wanted to try them out on Saturday but it's not smart to run 8 miles in brand new shoes, so I figured I'd run a few and then change them.
**I ended up keeping them on the entire 8 miles because they felt really good**
2. It had snowed the day before and it was pretty icy in some spots.
3. Kaitlyn really wanted to come to the gym with me and workout. Who am I to deny my 6 year old when she asks to me active??
The treadmill drove me just as crazy as I thought it would. Even though I covered up the time it still drug on and on. It didn't help that my iPod bit the dust so I was listening to Pandora on my iPhone. I like my playlists and hate commericals, but beggars can't be choosers.
**I ended up putting on my play lists on my phone but now I need something to calculate distance when I run. Really aggravating because this is about the 5th iPod I've gone through in a 3 year span**
When I got home I made a delicious dinner for my boyfriend, the kids and a friend that was coming over. Pulled BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and salad with these wonderful things as dessert.
I love toffee and these were AMAZING.
**If you decide to make them just know that one batch made 70 cookies!! Holy cow. My friends, family and coworkers are thankful for it but I'm not so thrilled they are there to tease me**
My long run this week, which I do on Sunday, was 18 miles. I was intimidated and anxious.
I ate a Power Bar - Performance Energy Vanilla Crisp pre-run.
I have found that these bars work pretty well for me. I feel energized, but not weighed down and don't experience and GI issues.
Since I still haven't found a gel that I love I grabbed two of Clif Shots - Mocha.
I stopped at approximately 5, 9, and 13 miles and took a bit more than 1/2 (with some water) each time. I really enjoyed the flavor of these, and thought the texture was better than Gu. Unfortunately, I got what felt like a caffeine headache towards the end of my run though. It was a short one and could have been a fluke though so I might try them again next time and see how it goes.
I ran the entire 18 miles on road and sidewalk and maintained an average pace of 8:21.
This run kicked my ass on so many levels. My body hurts!
I came home and took and ice bath. You have to understand how hard it is for me to voluntarily sit in freezing water and ice for 10 minutes. During the day I wear layers upon layers and plant myself in front of a heater. It's not hot in my book until it hits 90 degrees outside. Seriously.  It was torture but I think that I really needed it. Since Monday I have ran 56 miles. My body hates me.
Tomorrow is a rest day. Thank little baby Jesus.


  1. An ice bath?? That's crazy!! I tried to put my feet in an ice bath once. It lasted for about 10 seconds ;)

    The cookies look amazing.... Looks like I'll be baking again tomorrow night.

    1. It was really hard to do but I am not sore today so it must have worked!

      Thanks. They were reallllly good. I brought them to work this morning and they're almost gone:-)

  2. Damn and I thought my 10 mile run was hard core! Good for YOU. I definitely need some gel to give me some energy after 10 miles though, I was dying!

    1. You should definitely try some out! They work wonders! Even on your 10 mile run, take one at mile 5 (always with water!) and see how you do!!

  3. Those cookies look to die for! I also am a huge fan of the clif shot. I think I had raspberry? They passed them out in the marathon I ran and I felt a huge difference. Mocha looks good too!

    1. Thanks! They were really good! Thank goodness I got them out of the house. haha.

      I may have to try the raspberry. How do you think they compare to GU though?