Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

Yesterday was a very exhausting day. It was my only afternoon that I didn't have something to do, and all I wanted to do was rest. I got home and immediately put my sweat pants on, dabbed a little Proactive on the mountain on my chin, grabbed a snack, and hit the couch to read some blogs.

5 minutes later, the boy walks in the door. DAMN IT. Busted. 

Two hours later, I'm in the same exact spot writing this post. It' just going to be one of those nights. At least he's joined me, heated up some leftovers, and turned on some Duck Dynasty. Quality time at it's best. 

My fancy dinner:-)

Anyways, Wednesdays are always my speed work day. The training plan that I'm following called for 8x400s today. I don't have a track nearby, so I hit the treadmill.

1 mile warm up, followed by 8x400s (pace: 7:10-6:50 min/miles), with an active recovery lap between each one (pace: 9:10 min/miles), and a very short cool down (.25 miles - I had planned to do .75 miles but I got bored) for a total of 5 miles. Average pace = 8:24 min/miles.

I actually really love 400s. They really make the time fly and I kind of feel like a bad ass:-)

Although this is probably a little more like it. 

On to the "Thinking out Loud" portion of this post. Recently, I've found that a lot of people around me seem to consider me a member of the "food police" of sorts. While I am work, the following two things happen a number of times a day:

1. People see me eating and comment on it. I don't mean comments like "oh hey, that smells good", I mean comments like "what are you eating NOW?", "are you actually eating again?", etc. 

2. People are eating, and when I walk by, they try to hide their food from me if it's bad, or tell me how good they are eating, etc.

Case in point: My office ordered pizza for everybody last week. While I was walking away with two slices, I started receiving comments such as "You're actually going to eat that?". People seemed surprised that me, as healthy as I seem to be, would indulge in 2 slices of pizza. I shook them off and walked away, but they bothered me. What makes any body think it is there business to comment on what I am eating? especially with negative connoation. Like I shouldn't be allowing myself to have a couple of pieces of pizza because I try to be healthy? 

But it gets better. 

I had actually brought homemade lasagna for lunch that day, having not eaten it I offered it to a woman in my office who had missed the pizza and didn't bring anything to eat. I even offered to plate it and heat it up for her. As I'm in the kitchen, the peanut gallery chimed in again:

Douche Bag: "Didn't I just see you eating?" 
Me: "Yeah."
Douche Bag: "Are you really going to eat that as well?"
Me: (In the bitchiest tone possible) "Why yes, I did, WHAT IS IT TO YOU?"
Douche Bag: (Shocked and surprised) "Nothing." (Looks at the ground)

Woooo Buddy, was I mad as ever.

What makes people think that I give a shit what they are eating? What makes people think they have a right to comment on the things that I choose to eat? or how often I eat? Why must they tell me their food choices? 

Because honestly, I don't care. 

What sort of speed work do you do? On the track or treadmill? 

Do you have the same issues because of your "healthy" lifestyle? 


  1. I do my speed work on the TM, but I've been slacking with it. And yes, I have a TON of issues/comments like that from other people. I eat quite often during the day, and people remark on it a lot. It's obnoxious. I don't comment to you about what you're eating, when you're eating, etc. leave me alone.

  2. I love your post, if not just for the photo of the Basset hound running. I LOVE IT (you have to understand that I own two Basset Hounds)!
    I totally hear you on the obnoxious comments about food. I get it from everyone in my family. I eat plenty, but I try to eat healthy, and keep a nice balanced diet, to help keep me fueled for running. My personal opinion is that it makes othe people feel insecure about what they're eating, and they want to verbally attack you because of it. I shouldn't care, but it bothers me, too.

    1. Oh, I definitely get it from my family too. That doesn't bother me as much though. That's family. We play around with each other. When a stranger (or work associate) sticks their nose in my business.....I can't stand it.