Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Hardest Thing About Running

In my opinion, the hardest thing about running is finding the balance.

( Hell, maybe that's the hardest thing about life.......but that's another very long blog post)

I know, for me, it's hard not to get wrapped up in it all, and just run for the sake of running. Run to clear my mind and distress. Run to feel the strength my body can produce. Run to feel alive. 

I run for those reasons, but I also run for numbers. I run to make negatives splits, to lower my average pace, increase my weekly mileage, PR in my next race. 

I don't think those things are bad, it's good to have goals, but when is it too much? When do you need to tell yourself to slow.it.down. 

and just run? 

When do you tell yourself you need a break? Take some time off from running to let your body heal. Run disconnected, with no sense of distance, time, or pace, just listening to your body.

Recently, my average pace has gotten much faster than I was used to running. Overnight, it seems, my "comfortable" pace went from 8:50-9:00 minute miles to 8:20-8:30 miles, and it makes me nervous. Am I pushing it too far? Or am I finally getting back to the fitness level that I had before fracturing my left foot twice? (You can read about that here and here

For instance.......

This girl does not train at sub-8 miles.....but this is the third time this year I've finished my run with one. That is NUTS to me. 

Every run has been one of those "this is why I run" runs. Let's hope I don't crash too hard, because it's pretty inevitable at this point.

In order to properly fuel for these amazing runs, I've picked up a new food addiction.

Pre-Long Run

Post Long Run. 

English Muffins are incredible and I don't know why I haven't had them for years. Thank goodness I got the jumbo size version at Costco. :-)


  1. Omg, I LOVE sunflower seed butter!

    Nice job finishing up those runs with sub 8s! Of course, the funny thing about running, is that there will still always be bad days, but that doesn't mean you're "crashing" or pushing it too much...that's just part of training (and life). I'm with you. It kills me to not do something to my full potential, but I have to remind myself that running is just one aspect of my life and has to be balanced with everything else.

    1. As with most things, once you go up, you must come down. That's ok though, as long as it happens after my race. haha.

  2. Wow! Nice numbers. Awesome to see that you're getting faster.

    I do try to just run for fun, I've been doing that for a while and now my competitive side is kicking in and I'm trying to build things slowly.

    1. Hey girl. How are you?

      Isn't it SO hard to not get competitive with ourselves?

  3. Replies
    1. It's so delicious. I don't even buy it too often because I'll run right through it.