Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Longest Run of the Year.

Happy Wednesday.
Last we spoke, I was gearing up for my longest run in a year, 8 miles. I was excited for it, but I had my obstacles. As soon as I parked at the trail I opened the door and slide right out of my car! Nothing but my ego was hurting, so I walked over to the trail, and did it again......yeah, this wasn't going to happen. I couldn't even walk to the trail without falling, how the hell was I going to run 8 miles on it?
I got back in my car and started driving. The thought of going home and getting on the treadmill crossed my mind......I knew it'd be a little like dying a long, painful death though, so I quickly nixed it. I found a spot to park on 210 (a major road that had been salted/plowed) and got to it.
The run started off a little rocky but, as most runs, it ended great! I jammed out to Pandora Call me Maybe radio the ENTIRE time (this is odd for me because I usually get bored and switch my Pandora station every 2-3 miles) and the miles just rolled on by. My splits weren't perfect, but I was happy with them. I conquered some pretty big hills during those 8.5 miles (I was shooting for 8 but miscalculated and ended up doing 8.5) and the last two were a decent speed but I didn't feel as though I was pushing myself at all,  so I know I still had a lot of juice left in me. 

Half marathon, here I come! 

When I got home I devoured some french toast casserole.....

I heated up frozen mixed berries and put them on top. SO delicious that I had the leftovers for breakfast AND dinner the next day. 
On a random note, who remembers eating Runts as a kid? I always picked out the bananas ones and saved them for last because they were THAT good. When my daughter asked me for a quarter for this machine who was I to deny her?

 How was your long run this week?

What is your favorite post-run meal?

Did you eat Runts? Weren't the banana ones the best?
My boyfriend is saying "No" to that one.......please prove him wrong.

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