Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Race Post Break!

This weekend was full of fun times (and it's a 3 day weekend because we have Columbus Day off!).
Friday and Saturday were rest days for me so instead of running, I did something else I love. Eating and Drinking:-)
Friday night the boy and his son came down and we all headed to my brother's for one of the last BBQs of the year..
Salad, 3 bean salad and potato salad (my mom made everything and did awesome!)

with chicken and bread. I picked up the wine and the Pumpkin Spice Country Crock. That is some goooooood stuff.
We all hung out and made drinking games based on what was on TV. That's what most families do when they spend quality time together, right?? My family rocks. Until my brother said "Every time Laura loses a hair we drink.....low blow brother, low blow. Needless to say waking up on Saturday was rough for all of us:-)
Saturday was gorgeous weather and we had absolutely no plans. So we hit up the park with my friends and their children.

Kaitlyn did flips the entire time and she said her arms were burning on the way home.
It started raining that afternoon and we thought it a good time to make some Halloween themed rice krispy treats. Topped them with chocolate and halloween sprinkles.
I seriously suck. I can make all these fancy cakes and cookies and did a TERRIBLE job on these rice krispy treats. I didn't mix them well enough and there are some spots with a ton of marshmellow and lots that don't have any. You can't win them all.
Sunday morning brought my 5K! The NOVA Hustle2Health. I was especially nervous. I'm not a short distance runner. Never have been. I find it easier to run a long 10 mile run than put everything I have into 3 short miles.
This morning it was cold and raining. 50 degrees. I am a total wuss when it comes to any weather under 65, so it was a long, miserable wait at the start. Once we got started though, it was pretty perfect.
The course was not too bad. Two pretty large hills but nothing impossible. When I hit the first mile I noticed that I was going about 8:00 min per mile. NOT fast enough to meet my goal of 23 mins.
I picked it up the last two miles and finished in 23:24. I'm disappointed that I didn't make my goal time. I didn't push myself enough in that first mile. I never do. I need to give myself more credit and start and finish strong.

I was happy that I placed 3rd for females and 19th overall. Next time, that sub-23 is mine.