Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cameron Diaz: My Fitness Idol

Three day weekends are seriously hard to come back from. I slept my normal nine hours last night and still fought to get out of bed this morning. Why am I always sooooo tired? I slept a lot this weekend. I ran a whooping 6.5 miles over the past four days. I didn't have any adult beverages last night. My daughter didn't pull her frequent move of sneaking into my bed and kicking the crap out of me.....

I tell myself it's because people 25 and under need more sleep on average. I can only use this excuse for 6 more months.....ugh.

As I said, the Monday after my run I only ran 3.2 miles. I was a tad bit sore from Sunday's race and the temperature had dropped (read 40 degrees. Brrrr......I am the biggest cold weather wuss there is). I ran a steady, comfortable 8:39 pace. I'm thinking if I warm up and stretch inside I'll have faster runs. Warming up generally makes me run faster, I'm just too lazy to really do it. Just like I was too lazy to do my weights routine later in the day.......

Instead I watched "What To Expect When You're Expecting". WOW. What a seriously shitty movie! As anybody seen it?? An all-star cast that really disappointed. It only solidified the fact that I never want more children and Cameron Diaz was in fact put on this earth to make all of us women look overweight and flabby work harder to get those sort of results.

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I turned to the Internet to see her workout regime, just for shits. Apparently, the girl works her ass off (and it shows obviously). Along with cardio and weights this chick "tosses tires", big monster-truck tires to get those biceps. That's legit.

To head to the opposite side of the spectrum, I am currently obsessed with this snack, plain rice cakes with almond butter, fig jam and cinnamon. Seriously, I need to stop buying almond butter. Almonds alone are ok but made into a delicious butter, they're irresistible.


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