Thursday, October 4, 2012

Success Taste a Little Bit Like Vomit.

Tuesday evening I found myself in one of those moods. I was exhausted and tired and didn't want to do much. The game plan: Pick up Kaitlyn, go home and clean while she finishes her homework, eat dinner (in the crock pot), go to karate, come home for the bath/bed routine and be in bed by 8:30.

We got home and dinner in the crock pot was NOT done. From there the plan feel apart. We went out to eat (unnecessarily spending $ to consume too many calories, my favorite), followed by a walk to Rita's (insert same bitching here), allowing us to get home late and rush to karate. Were the teacher was late. It was a grouchy evening, that's for sure, but this pretty much made my night....

She got her outfit!! She is even more excited to be doing karate now! and even though we were 20 minutes late getting to bed because she wouldn't start practicing her punches, I'm not grouchy about it:-)

I vowed to make Wednesday happier. The key to this is (in my food-loving opinion) is to start with a good breakfast!

Quinoa, fresh tomato, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado, and red roasted pepper and garlic hummus. Drowned in Cholula post-picture. Damn good meal. Let's get this day started.

Instead of completing a workout during work yesterday, baby girl and I got one in together after we got home.  

Somebody got a brand new "Big Girl" bike so is more than excited when I offer a bike ride instead of an evening in. PS - The tires on that thing are CRAZY thick. It's an ass-kicking bike.

My training plan called for 9 x 400s. So we ran up to the school near our house and I did a lap around the track to warm up. Stretched for 5-10 minutes (let's be honest, probably more like 5....I suck at committing to it) then lined up.

Here are what they looked like:
1:37 <---Jimmy Eat World's "Pain"
1:35 <---Papa Roach's "To Be Loved"

I'm not going to front. This was a HARD workout. I only increased the speed by 5-10 seconds per lap and did one more than last time but when I finished I knew I was going to feel it today. My legs and chest were screaming and uncomfortable those last couple laps. During the last 400 I actually felt vomit start to rise.....So I know I was pushing it.

My only thing to work on is the recovery time. I went in thinking that I would only rest 45 seconds between 400s. HA! That lasted for only one time. Then it was more like 2 minutes. Crazy how fast time flies when you can't breathe:-)

Two very sweaty, hot, tired girls.

We made the 1 mile run/bike home and I whipped us up a quick dinner.

I know that doesn't look that appetizing but let me tell you, Kaitlyn and I pretty much fought over those roasted brussel sprouts. The beans are a lentil/and black bean mixture on brown rice.

I was pretty damn sore when I woke up today. My hammies felt like I had rocks in them. I rolled with the stick a bit this morning and made myself promise to take it easy. 4 easy miles, about an 8:45 pace with one circuit of weights. Assisted pull-ups, assisted dips, and the leg press. 12 reps, 3 sets, lots of stretching in between.


  1. LOVE the karate outfit!! i've always wished i took that up when i was little. :) way to ROCK those 400's and i'm even more proud that u finished up as ur fastest ones...all about those negative splits. :)

    1. Thanks! Hopefully the hard work will pay off!