Sunday, July 8, 2012

Biking, Batting, Golfing, Swimming....

This weekend Kaitlyn and I did not make our usual trip to SoMD. The boy was working, so we decided to hang out in good old VA.  But what to do with ourselves...???
Friday night, I decided that I was too lazy to go on the bike ride I had been thinking about, so I some yoga instead. I started out with this DVD set I have of "Yoga for beginners". Although it is very relaxing, it's not what I was looking for. I switched to the P90X Yoga for a challenge. I was excited to conquer the intense, 90 minute DVD. Unfortunately, I am as cheap as they come and all of my P90X DVDs are burnt....30 minutes into the workout my DVD refused to play any longer....*sigh*. I turned to YouTube and found the video "Power Yoga with Bryan Jones". It was quite vigorous for somebody like me who is not spectacular with yoga. He moved very quickly! I tried my best to keep up! I think I may have to try that one again soon.
At the end of the night my foot was aching due to all the runner's poses (is that grammatically correct?) and balancing on one foot. I propped it up and turned on House. (Hugh Laurie is just fabulous!) However, Kaitlyn has just joined the summer reading program at the library and wanted to read to me. Put me right to bed:-)

Saturday morning we decided to try out a new Farmer's Market. None of them compare to the one in SoMD, but we got the basics....I think I need a bigger fruit bowl.....

Then we did a little of this.....

Followed by a little of this....

We went to my moms in the afternoon so I could get a bike ride in. I went for 11 miles. (My hamstrings are more sore than I have been in a LONG time.) My mom made me a delicious salad to have post-ride. Followed by this peach coffee cake with a scoop of fro-yo.

Kaitlyn and I ended the night with a visit to the red box. "This Means War" kind of sucks...
Sunday, I thought we'd get out a do something new. It was really hot (yet again) so we went relatively early. We went to a batting cage. First time for both of us!

and we went golfing. Guess who got a hole-in-one?

All of this made us hungry. Good thing we packed a snack.

Then baby girl wanted some soft serve....Seeing as though we were drenched in sweat at this point, I agreed. Heath bar is my absolute FAVORITE topping.
Speaking of food. These are my two favorite finds of the week. The dried mangoes were amazing, and how can you go wrong with sweet potato chips.

I think we'll take a break from the extreme heat and just stay inside tonight.

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