Monday, July 2, 2012

Look Ma! No Boot! and a Brave Look-Alike.

What a weekend it was. Friday night, after my last post, I attempted to make a birthday cake for my boyfriend's son's birthday party on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was 1/4 cup short on unsweetened cocoa po I decided to just get up early and go to the store. The party was at 1:00 pm, so I'd have plenty of time to finish it. After that the boy and I settled down to watch the Olympic trials. It was gymnastics. Those woman are simply unbelievable. During the olympic trials, we kept getting a thunderstorm warning but kind of ignored it. These weatherman were NOT kidding though. Just like that the lightening and wind started and we lost electricity. I didn't see too much rain but that storm tore through the area. The next morning, power still lost, I had to drive an hour just to find a store with coffee and cocoa powder. I thought the power might be back on by the time I got home, so I could bake the cake, but it wasn't.....we got in back around 1:00 and just did the party later that evening......It turned out perfect despite the obstacles


A simle chocolate cake with a white chocolate cream in the middle and milk chocolate frosting. Garnished with M&Ms (the birthday boy's favorite) and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Left over turkey burger from the BBQ with a side of raw veggies!

The next morning I dropped Kaitlyn off with her grandmother to go see Brave. (PS - Everywhere we go we have strangers coming up to us telling us how much she looks like the main character in Brave. My father keeps telling me to send her picture to Disney.)

Seeing as though it's been 6 weeks in this monster boot, I triedsomething...despite the frowns I received for not have doctor's approval. Which I am by NO means suggesting anybody do. I am WAY too stubborn.


I went out and biked 7.5 miles. It was my first time biking since I was a kid. I am terribly out of shape,cardiovascularly (is that a word?) speaking and it was over 100 degrees, but I enjoyed EVERY
second of it. I cannot wait to do it again!

My post workout meal was this amazing salad from Mike's American Restaurant. As previously noted, I don't like chain restaurants. However, it was my father's choice. He was sick on Father's Day, so we finally got a chance to celebrate.

The kiddos are NUTS!

My niece Natalie! It looks like she is screaming but that's actually her "cheese".

Cutest little boy! Nicholas.

All 3 going nuts!

The salad had dried cranberries and figs, goat cheese, pine nuts and chicken and it was awesome:-)

Back to work for this slow Monday, but I'm off tomorrow for x-rays and
the follow up on my foot and off Wednesday for Independence Day


  1. She DOES look like Merida. That cake looks awesome. You really just need to show me your ways in life. Im tired of looking like a blob & I want some more recipes to try!!

    1. Thanks, Tamatha! I wasn't too happy with the cake (in fact, my boyfriend's mom had to stop me from throwing it away lol) but it worked and tasted just fine.

      Secondly, don't call yourself a blob! You're not! I have a few other recipes on the blog. The sweets, since I love baking, are full-fat indulgent sweets, so you won't want those. I honestly do ALOT of salads. You just have to mix them up with different veggies and toppings and whatnot to keep them interesting:-)

      Have you thought about training for anything? A goal to work towards always drives me!

  2. Sounds like a great day - cute cake! Your bike ride sounds awesome. I went biking today too. I love feeling like I'm fast :-)

    1. Thanks you! I can't wait to go again! My foot is a tad bit iffy so I'm going to swim today.

      Going fast actually scares me right now, since I'm not used to it. I'm sure I'll catch on soon though.