Friday, June 29, 2012

We've Been Eating!

Last time I blogged I was on my way out the door to take my friend Erin out to dinner. I have ONE condition when I go to eat. It must NOT be a chain restaurant. I cannot stand 95% of chain restaurants. She let me pick and said we could do ethic so I picked my FAVORITE! Al-zaytoun Kabob & Grill. It is so amazing. All the food is hot and fresh (especially the bread!). The spinach has a nice kick I can't say no too......

And then, because that mountain of food just wasn't enough, we hit up Bluberri, the new Fro-Yo place in town. I really like this place because the fro-yo isn't sweet. It is tart and perfect (I dig the non-fat part too! lol). Then you add the sweet toppings....

In retrospect, jelly beans are NOT an awesome idea unless you eat them very quickly. They froze and were rocks! The rest of the crap on there is crushed Heath Bar (I have a serious affection for toffee) and there is mango on the other side:-)

Here is Erin's. I have a moral objection to cheesecake.....but to each their own...and that fruit looks awesome.

After dinner I headed up to Southern MD to hang out with the boy. Saturday morning we found ourselves at the Farmer's Market. We ran into his mother and stepdad. I mentioned I was thinking about baking a pie for the first time and she requested blueberry. I aim to please....

It actually looked really pretty but I started to cut the first piece before I remembered to take a picture. I am told that I scored a homerun with that pie! My mother has requested one now , too. It will be made tomorrow night.

The other pie I made with a graham cracker crust (seriously good) and made it Chocolate Cream.

I had a really busy week at work and I'm excited that it's Friday again. We are, per the usual, in Southern MD with the boy. I may or may not be enjoying a couple ice cold Coronas. After all, it is 110 degrees today. I wish I was exaggerating. Tomorrow is his son's birthday so I'm on cake detail tonight. Let's see how it goes.

PS - Good thing I have been KILLING it in the gym this week. I am SO sore. I cannot wait until Tuesday. Follow-up on my foot! Eeeeekkkk.....I hope to at least be able to put a sneaker on. Running isn't even an option, so biking it is!


  1. I'm so with you.. I HATE chain restaurants. I consider it 'mass produced food' and it rather grosses me out.

    I hope your foot gets better soon.

    1. Thanks!! I went biking riding yesterday and it was awesome! I know I should have waited until my xray tomorrow but I just couldnt!