Friday, June 22, 2012

Bottom of the Barrel

As much as I love my free weights and ankle weights, I grew bored with my workout routine this week. I needed a change......I dreamt of jumping on the rowing machine, maybe the bike? but I talked myself out of it. If I do not rest this foot properly I will only be in this boot longer. As I sat there pissed off and grumpy at work for lacking motivation, my friend suggested that I do some weight machines. I don't tend to use them too much but I jumped on the chance to spice it up.

I looked ridiculous....

Probably even more so since I was in the gym taking pictures...Luckily I was using my iPhone for my music so nobody could tell.

Be jealous.....

It is quite disheartening being in this cast and continuing to go to the gym sometimes. I get lots of people who tell me "I just need to rest", "I'm crazy", "I'm addicted", etc. However, the past few times I have gone to the gym I have gotten at least one person telling me how motivational I am. How strong and dedicated I must be and how I make them think "if this girl can get in here, in a cast, everyday, I have no excuses". I have to tell you. That makes it worth it. They totally understand me:-)

I dug into this lunch after my workout:
 You might be able to tell that I am very much in need of a trip to the grocery store....this happens toward the end of the week. This is the bottom of the barrel. Carrot sticks and orange, red and yellow peppers with hummus, another gigantic apple and a pickle. After this picture was taken everything but the apple was showered in my beloved Cholula (I go through at least a bottle a week.....)

Yesterday when I got in my car after work it read 106 degrees!! Wow. So of course, I headed to the pool. My work friend let me borrow a "water running vest". It was interesting.....I did it for about 20 minutes...but I couldn't get into it. I need sweat, heavy breathing and intensity. So I swam without it and guess what? I can kick pain-free! It was on:-) A few laps by myself, then it was time to race my younger brother. He brought it. Best cardio workout I've gotten since the break.

While I was kicking it at the pool, my mother was at my house because she had looked after my daughter that day. I mentioned that I had this great recipe I'd been dyyyying to try for Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers.....and the fact that I had nothing else in the house. No fresh fruit and very little veggies. No meat thawed out....nothing quick. So she slaved away in the kitchen while I swam....holy crap. They were everything I wanted!

I tossed some stewed tomatoes on mine. (I told you, I reallllllly need to go shopping) and a ton of Chipotle Cholula, half a baked sweet potato (with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and seasoning salt) and a pickle.

This morning I had no fresh fruit to put in my yogurt. As much as I love my plain Chobani I need a tad bit of flavor. I hit up the store at my work. Discouraged that they have fruit that looks like it's been there a week and most products have wheat or soy, I was excited to find this little number......

It wasn't my norm but it wasn't bad at all....

I'm breaking my normal sweats on the couch with a movie routine this Friday night and going to take my friend out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Then I'm scooping my beautiful girl up and headed up to MD to hang out with the boy:-)



  1. Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to have to try this one out. I'm not vegetarian or anything, but sometimes I think I get to much meat. I'll have to make it when the kids aren't looking ;)
    Hope your leg starts feeling better so you can get back out there. Take care!

    1. No problem! Let me know what you think!

      I give veggie and/or black bean burgers to my daughter all the time and she can never really tell the difference.

      I'm with you on the meat thing. I tend to think that I eat too I try to do things like this to balance it out.

      I have my xrays on Tuesday for my foot. Keeping my fingers crossed:-)

  2. That recipe looks great!!!!

    Ok so I totally feel your pain with the going to the gym in the boot, have you tried the Nike Training Club app? They have some great workouts in the "Focused" section that are 15 minutes and you can get away with doing most of them (except the leg ones, obviously) to help spice up the workouts at the gym. As for the pool, aqua slogging is tedious and boring but after you do it a few times you learn how to sweat (and believe me you can), you make up games you try to see if you can get to the other end before the swimmer laps you twice, just silly stuff like that. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

    1. No. I haven't tried that app! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

      You've convinced me to maybe try it again! I will try to keep swimming once my foot has healed also. It really is SO good for you. Thanks for your tips and kind words!

  3. That burger looks awesome. I keep wanting to make my own veggie burgers.

    Great job on going to the gym with your boot. I'd call you inspiring too.

    1. Thanks! They were awesome! But I can't take credit. I just found the recipe and mom made it happen! :-)

  4. I use a bottle of cholula sauce each week, too! Can't wait to make those burgers.

    1. Do you? Have you tried the Chipotle?? Hmmmm....:-)

      Let me know how it goes!