Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Fitness Bucket List

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here. Today, I have read a few blogs in which people have their "Fitness Bucket List". I think this is a great idea. I have one for other things in life and fitness is a big part of that, so why not make one for that as well.

**Sidenote: I actually did not have any bucket list until I met my boyfriend (frequently referred to as "The Boy") two and a half years ago. We created one together. We've actually crossed some things off of it as well. I carry it in my wallet, just for a reminder.....Here is said list:

We've actually crossed quite a few things off.......

Hiking in the Shennandoah!

Luray Caverns

Skydiving!! (I swear, that boy is absolutely gorgeous.)

Back to the purpose of this post. My Fitness Bucket List. Things that I want to accomplish/do in the realm of fitness.

 1. Run a sub 1:45:00 half marathonn. Obviously, this is my holy grail at the moment. It was during my quest    to accomplish this goal that I broke my foot. I know that this pace (8:00 min/mile) doesn't sound very fast to some people but it does to me. Over the past year and a half my "average" mile pace has dropped by about 90 seconds! This is big for me. I will do it.

2. Run a sub 3:30:00 marathon. I ran my first marathon on March 17, 2012 of this year. My goal was sub 4:00:00. I hit the wall at mile 20 to be exact. I knnoooooow I didn't push myself to the max. I got 4:01:55. (Many marathoners have also told me I choose a VERY difficult course for my first marathon). I know improvement is in the works.


First Marathon: March 17, 2012. Rock and Roll Marathon DC
I know I look TIRED. It's warranted. My sister looks adorable....

My dad and daughter cheering me on! I saw her the last 1/2 mile......It's like there was no wall. Next time I will strategically place her at Mile 20!

3. Become registered/certified. I know that is a bit vague but so is my goal. I know that I want to go and receive some sort of higher education for this area of interest. (I currently have a BBA, not interested in what it taught me at all). Even if I don't use the certification or training. I want to know it. Just for me.

4. Run the path of the "original" marathon in Greece. I think this is just the coolest thing ever.

Plus I've never been out of the U.S. (except a cruise to the Bahamas when I was 16) so I'd be estatic!!

5. Do a Triathlon. I am not a good swimmer. I am definitely not a good biker. I am a mediocre runner. Being stuck in this boot for the past 4 weeks has made me realize I really need to round it out some. Pre-break I was starting to explore swimming and yoga, I hope to continue that and add biking as well. To be frank, I've become obsessed with buying a bike in the past week. I know that as soon as I get the go-ahead from the doctor I am gong to want to run out and sweat my ass off. Hopefully, a bike will give me an alternative to all that impact.

Let's be honest. I have goals in mind for weight and size as well but we aren't going to discuss those. Actually, I want to add one more goal:

6. Throw away the scale: I'm cliche. It rules me. It sets my mood and tells me whether or not I've been well-behaved, if I'm not working hard enough,  etc. It's ridiculous. I am educated enough to know that YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF YOUR FITNESS LEVEL. I have been body-fat tested, shown to be almost at the "athletes" normal body weight. I have been shown that I am in the 114th percentile (still confused on that) for muscle mass for a women my age. None of it matters when I step on the scale. I'm a tool.

So those are my goals. Before I die (hopefully before! LOL. Maybe I'll shoot for before my 30th birthday, which is 5 years away) I want to accomplish these things.

Wish me luck:-)


  1. Yes, that Athens race looks amazing. Actually, to just run the course would be awesome as well.

    I love that you and your boyfriend have a general bucket list. So cool! And I love that you've gone skydiving. That's just amazing to me, I don't know if I could do it.

  2. Doesn't it just look amazing! I think that running the "original" path is such an awesome idea.

    Thanks! It was something we did when we first started dating:-) Skydiving was INTENSE. I don't think I could have done it if I wasn't strapped to somebody else. Once they jumped I had no choice! We fell for 3 miles, don't think that I took a breath the entire time.