Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eating Wheat Free and Hitting the Weights

I have really surprised myself the past couple of days. I have really gotten into my weights routine! I've always been a fan of weights but not as a whole workout. I am learning how to push myself in order to break that coveted sweat and hit that endorphin high.

I've yet to feel comfortable taking pictures during my gym excursions so I don't have too much to show. I do feel great though. My back muscles are sore, my shoulders are tight and my hips feel worked:-)

To mend the wound of not being able to run, I have turned to food. LOL. jk. But being recently diagnosed with allergies to wheat, corn, soy and peanuts I have had to leave my beloved peanut butter, granola bars, bread, etc. behind and find some new staples...

OATMEAL! I am in love. I don't know how I did not enjoy this every day of my life. Admittedly, I've only tried it one way because I have an obsessive personality, but it is BOSS. I top it with pureed pumpkin, a TON of cinnamon, and sunflower seed butter (replace the raisins in this picture with that. I only tried that the one day...not crazy about it).

 SALADS! I've found that when you cut out corn and wheat.......that cuts out a LARGE amount of any processed foods that I was eating. I've always been a fan of salads, but I tended to get bored with them......and when you have the option of them or a sandwich on a fresh whole wheat roll, well it just didn't compare. Since the rolls are out the window I've been eating a salad at least once, but usually twice a day! I've had to find different ways to mix them up and keep them interesting. The only below was a night my sister came over. Our version of a taco salad...ground chicken, salsa, black beans, chick peas, zucchini, squash all over a large bowl of fresh spinach. Magic happened that night :-)

This was actually last nights dinner. I didn't actually cook it, my mother did, but it's just another example of how you can eat wheat free and healthy and still make it awesome!

Green beans and almonds, roasted sweet potatoes and lean pork tenderloin, all topped with a ginger, pineapple, soy sauce dressing......I usually don't eat pork. I've been told though that I might need to start incorporating some more meats in my diet to up my "good fat" intake.

Despite not being able to run, I still have a lot of things going on. My beautiful daughter Kaitlyn finishes Kindergarten tomorrow! For her end of the year treat she wanted to do M&M cookies. Any excuse for me to bake! Plus I threw in some Island Blondies. They are blondies with toasted coconut, macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips.

I also have  a TON of family obligations arising. (I absolutely love hanging out with my family though, so thats not a bad thing). Last weekend I had my stepmothers and my boyfriend's nephew's birthday party. This little girl had a blast!

She actually lost a tooth during the birthday party! So exciting. The party was held at one of those play places with moon bounces, slides, etc. I usually LOVE these places. I go nuts and race people and get an awesome workout. Being the gimp that I am right now I just sat there until I saw a claw machine calling my name. I actually won something!! Not just one something! TWO OF THEM! Boy was I proud to give my glowing daughter those stuffed animals!

This weekend is going to be VERY hectic. Tomorrow we celebrate my mother's 50th Birthday, Saturday is my Sister-In-Laws birthday and Sunday is Father's Day!


  1. Excited to keep up with you - you're right that we're all in this together :) Boy, those cookies look tempting though...

    1. Thanks for the support, Laura (great name, BTW lol). I am working on a couple of blogs within the next couple days, so hopefully I'll have something good for you!

      I actually wasn't too tempted by the cookies. Those blondies though....hmmmm. I had to take a bite of one eventually!

      My wheat allergy is mild, so I can (and do) splurge at times, but I feel better over all if I stay away from it.

  2. I agree that I'm slowing learning to love more about lifting weights...very slowly :)

    1. Slow is definitely not bad in this case. I find that smaller weights (for example, I'm doing 12 lbs on my ankles right now, about 15lbs for shoulder presses and curls, and I always do free weights to work those stability muscles as well!) work best for me. I tend to do 15 reps for arms, 30 or 40 reps for legs, 4 sets.