Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long Weekend :-)

This past weekend was a 5 day one for me! My boyfriend and I went up to Vermont to visit his family and friends. It was really fabulous. I got a couple of great runs in! I just LOVE runs where I have tons of scenery to look at and have no idea where I'm going and how many miles it is. Both days I got a 6.5 - 7 mile run and felt like I could have gone for another hour:-)

The day after we got back I had the morning to myself and got back on the streets of Dale City. I ran 6.5 VERY hilly miles. The weather was about 70 with light rain and it was PERFECT! (who doesn't love running in the rain?). Yesterday was back to my regular routine. I hit the gym during my lunch break and got 5 miles done in 40:07 then did some stretching and light weights.

So as it turns out I am the ONLY one in my family who works a regular Monday through Friday job. For this reason, we celebrated Mother's Day last night. We took my mother to Ariana Afghan ( It was absolutely awesome! I LOVE ethnic food!! I started off with sauteed pumpkin (PS - Pumpkin is my FAVORITE food). It was slightly sweet with a hint of heat drizzled with yogurt sauce. Perfect. For my meal I got the Chicken Kabobs, which came with a mound of brown rice, perfectly grilled and seasoned chicken, spinach and a never ending pile of naan bread for the table. We finished off with dessert...which consisted of a Red Velvet Cake that I baked (and my SIL decorated)

a Cinnamon, Apple and Almond Torte that my brother and his girlfriend baked, and totally nailed!

By the time we left that restaurant the food baby in my tummy had grown to monstorous porportions. I'll just consider it carb-loading for today's run! I'm only supposed to do 3 miles (and I did my yoga this morning)....but I see myself wanting just a bit more:-)


  1. I LOVEEEE Running in new places. This summer I am traveling a lot and I cannot wait to get out and explore on my runs!

  2. It really is awesome! I get so caught up in the scenery that I don't even notice how far I have ran. I know that a lot of people like to check out and practice on race courses beforehand, but I prefer to have never ran it, that way I don't know how far I've gone! A large portion of running is just mental.