Thursday, May 3, 2012

Insanity - Cardio Recovery! Thoughts?

So I woke up at my regular 4:15 AM this morning (a tad bit sore from yesterday's pace run) and popped in my Insanity - Cardio Recovery DVD.

My running has been excelling so much recently that I'm worried that I'm going to, as I've done in the past, not put enough time and effort into strengthing and stretching. So I alternate between the Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown and Insanity Cardio Recovery DVDs in the morning.  Not to mention the AWESOME burn that comes with this video and the awesome feeling of accomplishment I got from making it through the entire squat and lunge sequence.

I have yet to perfect standing on one leg with my arms and other leg straight out.....but these things take time:-)

Personally, I LOVE this DVD. I do have to agree with a few other bloggers though (
 . There is no actual "recovery" going on! That is not why I do it. I do it to incorporate other things besides cardio into my workout. To stretch and strengthen and just to give myself a little "something" first thing in the morning.

Any other runners have DVDs that they like to incorporate into their weekly workout?

What do you think of Insanity Cardio Recovery?


  1. HI!!!

    I have tried the insanity workout several times but always too intense for me ;) but i am kind of enjoying this "brazilian butt lift" dvd set...

  2. Hey! Awesome for you to give Insanity a try! I have to admit, I have never completed it! I made it to week 6 a couple of times and I just couldn't finish those last two weeks! Plus I get a bit bored (same with P90) I need that runner's high!

    That being said, the workouts are still great individually. If I cannot get out of the house for a run, or I don't feel like one of my yoga DVDs, I pop one in. I've been doing the Cardio Recovery a lot recently. It's a great way to start my day:-)

    I also have the Brazilian Butt Lift. I really like that one as well. My daughter especially loved the dance one.