Friday, May 11, 2012

In the House for the Day

So I am home today. My poor little girl came down with a fever last night. Being stuck in the house all days means a few things are going to happen:
1. The entire house will be spotless
2. An enormous amount of food will be baked
3. A few different workout DVDs will be done

First things first, breakfast. My all time favorite meal of the day. My favorite thing about days I don't have to go to work are getting up and cooking a delicious breakfast for my favorite people.

Today's breakfast consisted of whole wheat oatmeal pancakes (I stole the recipe from my sister lol) topped with strawberries, 2 scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon. All topped with syrup. hmmmm:-)

With three cups of black coffee of course.....I really need to cut back on that. One thing at a time.

Seeing as it's only 9:00 AM (I hate that I get up early even when I don't have to work....) I have a lot more that I can do. Luckily, my awesome sister just got me a few books for our birthdays (Twins! yeah!) so I'll be trying out a couple of new things.

I am especially excited about this book because the recipes come from actual runners, not just people who tell them what they should eat! I am all out of homemade granola bars so I think I'm going to try the one in this book out.

First and foremost, time to do some Yoga and Insanity Cardio Recovery. Today is actually my rest day, which I really needed because my legs are sooooo tired, so it worked out well.

What do you guys do for your favorite homemade breakfast??

Any good cookbooks and/or recipes you'd reccomend?

What are your favorite workout DVDs?

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