Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lost in the Woods.

Today's run called for 14 miles. I was extremely anxious about this run because it's the longest distance I've done since my marathon last March.
I got a great amount of sleep and awoke to crazy, strong winds outside. It was COLD. As much as I wanted to stay inside and hope the wind calmed down, I knew that I had to man up and get it done so I could get home and have a nice day with my family.
I made the drive to Cedarville State Forest. I figured that a trail run would be easier, mentally and physically.
I had planned to do the 7 mile trail loop, come out for water, gel a quick stretch and do it once more.
Until I came across this....
Apparently my 7 mile loop had been washed out. :-\
I decided that I would just run to another trail and do that one. I really should have gone back to the trail head and looked at the map instead of running blindly in the woods, but my adrenaline had taken over. I ran, and ran, and ran....I ended up getting lost in those damn woods for almost 11 miles. By the time I emerged I was REALLY thirsty, but feeling pretty damn good.
I slammed half a bottle of water and half a Clif Bar and went back for more, this time taking care to look at the signs:-)

The trails weren't too technical. There were some seriously muddy spots and a few hills but nothing that made it too difficult. In fact, I only fell 3 times! In a 2 hour span, I take that as a win!

I guess the freezing cold wind had scared everybody else because for the entire two hours I ran I only saw one couple hiking. Of course it was when I had decided to pop a squat....haha!
I sported my Nike DriFit Hoodie, Brooks Running Tights, Under Armour Gloves and long sleeve shit and a winter running hat from Target.

I definitely enjoy running in the woods. The ground is easier on my body and I don't realize the hours passing by. I maintained an 8:22 pace and felt amazing. I even ended up running over half a mile extra.
One long run closer to my second marathon and a new PR!


  1. Wow! What a great run, I'm glad you were able to keep your head together while being 'lost'.

    When is the marathon? You're going to do great!!

    1. Thanks! I actually kind of like being lost! I think some of the best runs are when I'm just going......not knowing where I am or how long or far I've gone.

      My marathon is on March 16!

  2. strong work sister. careful on trails though, my ankle was messed up for a good while after taking several spills on the trails. I still love them though =)

    1. Yeah, I definitely rolled that thing a couple of times! I wish you could come to MD and do it with me sometime. (or maybe we could find one in VA?)