Friday, September 13, 2013

Phase 1: Stabilization - Check!

Hello there! Hope that your Friday is going well. Mine was looooong. I worked from home today, and it always seems like I have SO much more to do when I'm at home. Then I had to go sit at the MVA and pay them over $800 just to get a title and tags for my car?? Highway robbery.
Anyways, I took today as a rest day since I've had some serious workouts the past four days. As I mentioned, I finished Phase 1: Stabilization of my new workout routine this week and thought I'd let you know a little about that.
The main focus of Phase 1 is to work on your balance and stabilization. Every move you do is on a box, one leg, or a stability ball! I have absolutely ZERO balance so this was pretty tough for me.
I have 2 days with 30 minutes of cardio in zone 1 and my core/stability/plyo workout, 2 days of cardio intervals and weights, and 2 days of yoga.
My core/stability workout is as follows:
Ball Bridges - 20
Quadrup Opposite Leg/Arm - 20
Single Leg Hip Rotation on a half foam roll - 20
Single Leg Lift and Chop (with a 6.6lb medicine ball) - 20
Tube Walking
Box Jump Up and Down with Stabilization - 8
Jump Squats with Stabilization - 8
I do 3 sets of each exercise. This workout is not necessarily challenging, but I have really felt the difference in my balance and my core. Who doesn't love that??
The interval and weight workout though, now that gets me sweaty!
Step up, Curl to Press (Frontal Plane w/10 lbs) - 20
Single Leg Hammer Curl - 20
Ball Combo (Shoulder/Back) - 12
Hamstring Curls on Stability Ball - 12
Stability Ball Tricep Extension - 20
Stability Ball Single Arm Chest Press - 20
Again, 3 sets of each move.
Since I've started this routine, these have made a daily appearance.

The foam roller is my new best friend. I do it faithfully (combined with static stretching) before and after every workout. Boy oh Boy do I feel it in my quads, IT Band/TFL, and adductors....for some reason I get NO feeling doing it in my hamstrings or calfs. Does anybody else experience this?? I KNOW that they are tight though, because when I hit them with "The Stick" it's serious business.
As you can see, this phase is not about high weights, building muscle, etc. The purpose of it is to focus on correcting your muscular imbalances, strengthening your core and improving your balance/stability.
and hopefully, to avoid all these pesky injuries I seem to keep accumulating.


  1. I've been trying to get better with my foam rolling because it hurts so badly when I do it. It's definitely done wonders for my quads/IT band. I feel it in my calves, but it's definitely not as strong as how I feel it in my quads and IT band. Good luck with your next phase!