Sunday, September 29, 2013

AFSP Community Walk - Washington, DC

Saturday morning started bright and early for me (which is easy to do when you're in bed by 9:00 on a Friday night.) While the house was still sleeping I snuck off to the gym.
1 mile WU @ 6 MPH
Intervals for 10 minutes (1 minute at 6MPH, 1 minute at 9 MPH)
Back Extension
Ball Crunch
Single Leg Squat Touchdown
Step up to Balance - Frontal Plane
Box Jumps
Power Step Ups
I did 3 sets of 12 reps of the weights, 10 reps of the plyometrics.
Ever done power step ups? The box was decently high and those were TOUGH.
After my workout and baby girl's soccer game we headed to D.C.
Baby girl's first time on the metro.
We went to support a cause close to us. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Community Walk.
A year and a half ago my Brother in Law took his own life. He was a wonderful, caring man. I firmly believe that if he had just gotten the help he needed, he'd still be with us today.
You probably can't tell from the picture but my daughter and my BIL look quite a bit alike (it's probably the crazy, curly, firey red hair).
"90% of people who commit suicide have a treatable mental disease". They need our help.
The walk itself was beautiful! The weather couldn't have been better. It was a 4 mile walk that took us along the perimeter of the National Mall during sunset.

The AFSP holds events in many different locations. If you're interested in participating and/or donating you can visit here.

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