Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lake Ridge Turkey Trot -2013

Today was my first race in a little over a year. (My last one is here).
I wasn't overly excited about it, which is why I didn't mention that I had signed up for it. It was a 10K, I'd been told the course was "brutal", I hadn't been training specifically for it, and I wasn't anywhere near the shape I was in for my last one.
But I just wanted to race. It's Fall! It's what runners do when the leaves start to change...... We race, carb loading with every pumpkin bread and muffin we can find.
The race was Sunday morning at 9 AM, located in Woodbridge, VA (my old stomping grounds!). The temperature for the race was perfect, low 50s. The clouds were out though, and the humidity was at 97%. Yuck.
This race kicked my ass. In a serious sort of way. I can't exactly pin point what happened, but I just didn't feel strong, focused, or like doing it in general.
The first mistake I made was going out too fast. I didn't have my Nike App turned on, but I knew I was going too fast.
Check out the elevation on this bad boy. Any smart runner knows to save their reserves for the last half of the race.
Around mile 2 I started to get a side stitch. I was cussing myself out with every 4-letter word in the book.....I'm pretty sure I got this from mistake #1.
The last, and most fatal mistake I made was that I quit mentally. I told myself I couldn't do it. I wasn't conditioned enough and I let the negative thoughts creep in and keep reminding me that I wasn't.
I pulled it together for the last mile, finished fast and strong (my legs had WAY too much umph left in them for somebody who was supposed to be racing) .
My chip time was 49:49. (Average pace of 8:01).
and to my surprise I won 1st place in my division.( Yay for medals!......and being materialistic)
My goal for today's race was to hit 8 minute miles. I got awfully damn close to that, but I just don't see this as an accomplishment. I wanted 6 STRONG 8-minute miles. I wanted performance and consistency, and I didn't.
My next goal is to run a half marathon in Richmond this February. It may be a long shot, especially based on today's performance, so I'm going to start training early December and see how it goes before I register myself for it and commit.
 I didn't, however, have any issues committing to this bag of popcorn as big as a toddler.

I saw it at Costco and even though I'd never had it, I love popcorn any way I can get it (except with fake cheddar powder - orange or white- it's a disgusting. The kind of disgusting that makes one gag,)
Plus, it's "Biggest Loser Approved" so it's obviously good for me:-)


  1. Congrats on an awesome race! I have not done a 10K in so long and I do not want to do one until I am absolutely positive I can break 50 minutes. I love popcorn of any kind as well :)

    1. Thanks!

      You should go for it! You're probably stronger than you know:-)