Monday, February 11, 2013

Serious Leg Workouts and Desserts

This weekend was just as fun as I thought it was going to be.

Friday night and Saturday morning we're both spent visiting friends and baking goodies:-)

Saturday morning I really wanted to go and hit up the gym to get back on the bike but little girl was taking advantage of sleeping in and I'd feel like quite the terrible mom waking her up early on a Saturday (if you wake her up before 9 AM she may bite you....haha). So I improvised and decided to do the P90X Legs and Back DVD.....sort of. My DVD won't work anymore, so I looked up the different moves online and did them that way.

Holy crap. My legs were DONE that night and the next day. It made a HUGE difference that I wasn't trying to keep up with the instructor or the clock. I was able to take my time, focus on form, and get in every rep of every move.

One legged squats, I couldn't hate/love you more. I will definitely be doing this again. I'm thinking doing the Ab Ripper this way will also increase the benefits.

Saturday night we all headed out to dinner at a friends. I was on dessert duty.

(Yes, I am totally shameless and took a bite and a picture without taking time to make sure their wasn't any chocolate on my fingers)
Taking inspriration from the Hungry Runner Girl, I made Brookies! I made Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip Cookies on the bottom and Bakers Brownie Recipe on the top.
It may seem incredibly crazy and fatty to bake brownies on top of chocolate chip cookies but it was so worth it and didn't dissapoint:-)
**I think next time I am going to do more cookie, less brownie. My boyfriend also suggested doing them with PB cookies instead of chocolate chip. I think he's on to something genius**

I see lots more of these in my future! It was SO incredily good. Every body was going nuts for it. The only thing that needed adjusting was my chocolate mousse layer. I needed to cook it just a few minutes longer because, as you can see, it was a bit runny.
I also think I'd half the mousse recipe because it really takes over and you can barely taste that amazing coconut cream layer and toasted coconut on top.
Sunday's interval bike workout was money!
Warm - Up:
10 minutes elliptical
2:00 plank
2:00 wall sit
Circuit: Repeat 3x
6 sphinx push ups
9 wide push ups
25 sit ups
25 calf raises
25 squats
12 minutes on bike (sprint 60 seconds, recover 60 seconds)

I walked out of that gym with seriously burnt legs. During this running down-time I'm really trying to focus on body weight training. Time to get lean and ripped!
I finished off the weekend with an amazing dinner as well.
Falafels, brown rice with kidney beans, grean beans and Cholula, avocado and Sabre Supremely Spicy hummus.
Loading up on those healthy fats and fiber:-)

I was even impressed that my little girl ate every.last.bite. I'm so lucky she likes a variety of foods.

Are you children morning people??

Have you do P90X? What is your favorite video?


  1. I don't have any children, but I'm a morning person :D I seriously want to eat all of those desserts and that falafel. Falafel is one of my faves and I don't eat it enough. Oh my goodness!

    1. Falafels are seriously amazing! Especially in one of those pitas with the sauces....YUM. We have this place in DC called Amsterdam Falafel. It's absolutely amazing! The toppings bar has so many delicious options!

  2. Yuuuummm. Thanks for the reminder on falafel! It has been way too long since I have had any! And, omg, your desserts look amazing. Thank you. I'm going to go bake now. Bye.

    1. They are great! I got a mix to make these ones, of course they are no where as good as getting one from an authentic restaurant.

      I hope you bake something good!

  3. I have one child that is a morning person and one that is crabby until she gets her morning cup of milk. It is crazy how two kids can be so different from each other.

    The brookies look great! I still haven't made "slutty brownies" which hit the web months (or years?) ago... so the brookies will have to go in the queue of new desserts to try.

    1. So funny. She needs her milk, we need are coffee. I can't function without coffee.

      I never made those either!! I remember they looked amazing!!

  4. I really enjoy body weight workouts. I feel like these additions to any circuit can be the most beneficial because you can really focus on form, and feeling how your muscles are reacting to your movements. I have been trying to incorporate these kinds of movements every time I am at the gym, especially when I want to get my heart rate up between sets.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I've also been doing them as soon as I wake up in the morning. Nothing major. Just something to get a little sweat and endorphins going to start the day right:-)

  5. Oh my gosh, that chocolate dessert looked so amazingly good! what a great workout!

    1. Thanks! It was really easy to make too! You should try it out!

  6. I have identical twin girls. One is a morning girl...the other, not so much.

    I have been doing P90X for three years now. I love all the resistance ones. I'm not so good at Kenpo. Too much thought process needed. Not my thing.

    1. Twin girls rock! I may be biased though!

      I have to say, it definitely took me doing Kenpo several times before it really worked for me. You do have to get the coordination down and know what your doing to keep up. I remember waking up on morning though and my back was SO sore from punching.

  7. My kids are not morning people at all. My daughter would happily sleep until noon on the weekends.

    Great job on the workout!

    1. haha. So would mine!!

      It doesn't matter what time I wake up. I need an hour or two, two cups of coffee and a shower before I really want to interact with people. lol.

  8. I am doing P90x now, and reviewing it as I go through on my blog. I had done it before, but not really documented my progress in photos or measurements. I think it is a great program though.

    Also, your desserts look delicious. I've been thinking about finding something to bake lately -- I think it is going to have to happen ASAP now! :)

    1. Awesome! I'll go and check it out!

      Let me know what you decide to bake!! I love hearing new recipes!