Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marathon Training: Week One

Despite last weekends antics, Monday morning I started marathon training feeling pretty confident. I am beyond excited to see what I can push my body to do. My last marathon goal was 4 hours. I crossed the finish line in 4:01:57! Soooooo close.
I am running the Rock and Roll, Washington D.C. Marathon again this year (it's the one I ran last year). I really enjoyed the race last year, it was well run and very organized. I also want to beat myself on the same marathon course. Many people told me that I was silly to pick Rock and Roll DC as my first marathon to ever run. They said the course was much harder than surrounding marathons. So yes, I could probably go and run a flat course and stop my time from last year, but where is the fun in that.
I am going to go to this marathon and kill last years time because I am stronger, I am smarter, and I am ready to kick some ass.
My goal this year: 3 hours and 45 minutes
My training plan is below. Courtesy of Hal Higdon

I am really a big fan of Hal Higdon and his training programs. He has a lot of details along with his plans. Where you should be, physically, to begin training. How you should cross train. How fast your runs should be depending on what time you're shooting for, etc.

This week has gone by without any major issues (ha. Only 17 more "issue free" weeks to go). For cross training I did the elliptical for an hour. That is pretty much my go-to method of cross training, although I'd really love to get some spin classes in there. My right leg/hip has been a bit tight...I've been trying to make sure I am adequately strength training and stretching to make sure I don't aggravate it.....

The last issue. I am running to fast. For my goal I would need to run 8:45 miles the entire time. Right now, I'm running between 7:50-8:25. Even yesterday, during my terrible 5 miler (I just couldn't get in my groove), which was supposed to be a "pace" run I was running 8:25.

I'm torn because I don't want to injure myself, but I also don't want to not run to my potential. I'm thinking maybe make my goal pace 8:20 per mile instead.....but I'll need a couple more solid weeks of training under my belt before I do that.


  1. A word of advice: stick with the goal of 8:45 pace, at least for now. Running 5-10 miles at 8:25 pace is much, much easier than running 26.2 miles at that pace. See how training goes - meaning you need to be at least halfway through your training program before you up your goal pace. What feels good now, 3 weeks in, may put you on the road to injury because you're pushing past what you should. If nothing else you can always start the race at an 8:45 pace and halfway through if you're feeling great, kick it in. Then you'll have a negative split AND a great time without injury!

    1. Yeah, I know I definitely need to take it slow and see how I feel on some of my longer runs before I decide to change it.